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How to try Google Maps Go?, the quick and light version of Google Maps

Are you looking for a faster and lighter version but just as complete as Google Maps?... This is the option you are looking for

How to try Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go

The past Google I / O, the Mountain View company showed its new version of Android for low-end smartphones which it called Android Go, and a few days ago announced that they had everything ready to start launching the first smartphones with Android Go , so interested manufacturers could already request this light version of Android to market the first smartphones during 2018.

To do this, Google has launched a series of applications for Android Go that are much lighter, designed so that they can work without problem on smartphones with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, so install them on medium or high-end equipment make them excellent options if we look for a much lighter and faster application than the “normal” version.

At this time it is possible to install 3 of these applications, such as Google Go, Files Go and Datally , although the first one can be installed only from the APK file. However, today Google Maps Go has been launched in the Play Store, but for now none of the smartphones we have tested is compatible with that version, but the solution to try it is to install its Progressive Web App.

Install the Google Maps Progressive Web App Go

The installation is very simple, and we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access from the web browser of your smartphone to the following link . Here is the repository of the application.
  2. Once you have entered, select the link that is on the screen again so you can open the web version of Google Maps Go.
  3. Finished this process you can use Google Maps Go without problem in its mobile version, and to convert it into a progressive web application just select the three points at the top right to activate the options menu and then choose the option that says “Add to main screen”.
  4. Ready! With this you can use the Google Maps Go web application, which is practically the same as you can install from the Play Store available for devices with Android Go.
  5. Once we can use the application we will notice that in effect the interface is much more simplified, there are fewer animations but it is not less functional, in fact we can find practically the same features as the “normal” version of Google Maps on Android.

In Maps Go we can select the view of traffic, public transport, relief, and we can even go from one place to another with the indications for bicycle, car and walking.

So if you want to save space and battery in your device, we recommend using Maps Go.


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