Home Technology How will the human race evolve? These are some theories

How will the human race evolve? These are some theories

How will the human race evolve?
How will the human race evolve?

Have you ever thought about how the human race will evolve ? According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, natural selection is responsible for the changes that occur in a species. Through the survival of the best adapted individuals, the characteristics that have allowed them to survive prevail, which allows that with the passage of time the organisms evolve.

However, the circumstances in which our species lives have changed a lot, something that can condition the way in which we are going to evolve. Current lifestyles, medical advances, biohacking or spatial colonization can bring new factors that influence the progress of our species. These are the main theories that predict how human evolution will be in the future.

1. Our species will continue the same

One of the theories of human evolution postulates that our species has reached its limit. Those who defend it explain that this is because evolution is more effective in a controlled population that lives in a single habitat. Due to globalization, humans no longer fulfill this requirement. According to Ian Tattersall of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, “miscegenation makes it much less likely that potentially significant mutations will be established in the set of genes.”

On the other hand, they also point out that advances in medicine interfere in natural selection, since the weakest people of our species manage to survive and transmit their genes.

2. We will continue evolving

The following theory that predicts how human evolution will be radically opposed to the previous one. Its proponents explain that the factors that influence natural selection are no longer the same as before and this will allow evolution to take its course.

If previously the individual that best adapted to the physical environment prevailed, they predict that now it will be sexual selection that will define the evolutionary path. According to this theory, the traits that will prevail are those that people with wealth, intelligence or labor and social success have in common .

3. Human body 2.0

Another scientific current bets on the human body 2.0 for the evolution of our species. This theory defends that the application of genetic modifications together with biohacking will be what conditions our evolutionary future, giving way to transhumanism.


4. Evolution of space colonies

According to scientists such as Stephen Hawking, the future of the human race goes through the colonization of space. Taking this into account, another theory points out that the space colonies will meet the ideal conditions for the evolution of the species to continue.

Depending on the characteristics of the environment of each of these settlements, over time people will adapt to their environment and evolve in different ways.


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