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How will they ask you for a marriage? Your zodiac sign tells you!

How will they ask you for a marriage?
How will they ask you for a marriage?

Aries: At the end of an escalation

You want to be asked for commitment when you feel fulfilled, regardless of the fact that you have mud spots and have not washed your hair in days.

Committing yourself to the end of a super long climb is the best way to celebrate your hard work and how you overcome obstacles together.

Bonus? The photographer hidden in the bushes will be

Taking the photos with the best landscape.

Taurus: At home when you least expect it

Still reading about public hand solicitations, sweating like crazy (what if you want to say no?) And hand requests on holidays and birthdays seem to be at high risk (what if you want to say no and now you have a reminder annual?).

You are a person who does not want that much and wants your beau to ask the question when you least expect it sitting in the room like any other day. That is super special for you, since both know what happened in private.

Gemini: In a dance routine with all your family and friends

You have many friends and family that you care about too much and you definitely want on your special day. Knowing that you are planning and coordinating in a dance routine to help your beau propose to you, is the only thing you need to say yes.

Everyone who cares for you supports both of you getting married. Bonus? It is the perfect teaser for a super fun wedding.

Cancer: On an anniversary

It should not be your wedding anniversary, but maybe your anniversary of living together or some important event everyone remembers their anniversary, but it is not as special as if they ask you to marry on the anniversary of their first kiss.

That your partner remembers this small detail makes you feel incredibly special and even surer of wanting to spend the rest of your life with him.

Leo: Something unique

You see yourself as an original person, and expect the same from your proposal. It does not have to be a public event – even a ring hidden in a special place is more than enough for you to say yes.

Virgo: A treasure hunt

You love challenges, and nothing says “my partner really knows me” as a plan for a treasure hunt that will ultimately lead you to the ring.

If you’re going to get married, it has to be with someone who thinks about you and knows you enough to organize something like that.

Libra: A reference to your favorite movie

It can be skating in New York like in the Serendipity movie, or in the middle of a lake full of ducks like in The Notebook. You want your request for a hand to be cinematic, exciting and that you can feel the protagonist.

Scorpio: You propose to him

Nobody is going to ask you for marriage, that’s too basic for you. It is much less stressful to take control and plan a surprise with time that works for you to surprise your lover.

Sagittarius: On vacation

You are the happiest when you travel, and you love the idea of matching the emotion of your commitment to the adventure of exploring a strange city together.

Seriously, what is better than being asked to get married by drinking red wine and looking towards the Seine?

Capricorn: After a good meal

It does not need to be a very expensive dinner, but you want a place where you feel relaxed when and have eaten delicious when they ask you.

The person you want to spend the rest of your life with is someone who knows your love for the finer things in life and is willing to give them to you.

Aquarius: A romantic letter

You love passionate writing, and you would fall victim to a letter that describes what you and your love mean to the person you love.

You could also accept original songs, plays and oil paintings as long as your partner has done it with love.

Pisces: Something that involves animals

It does not matter if it’s your cat wearing the ring as a necklace, or a group of corgi puppies spelling “Would you marry me?” On their necklaces, anything that involves animals will drive you crazy.


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