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I am a man and my daughter has to go to the bathroom: do I enter the men’s or the women’s?

baby reaction to dad coming home
baby reaction to dad coming home

Probably it seems an absurd question and you have a very clear and logical answer. You are not the only ones, I also have my answer completely logical. However, it is likely to surprise you to know that there are many people who consider that the logical answer is not yours, but the opposite.

I put you in situation. You are a man who is having breakfast or eating with your daughter in a restaurant or bar, or you have just gone shopping with her to a mall. She is 4 or 5 years old and at a certain moment she tells you that she wants to pee: do you take her to the men’s bathroom with you and take her to the women’s bathroom?

I take her to the men’s bathroom, of course…

It is my logical answer. It’s what I would do (and I say I would because I have three sons, so I have not seen myself in the dilemma). I would enter with her in the men’s bathroom and I would go to those who have a little door; I would clean the area with a washcloth (I have always carried wipes in my purse) and I would put it to urinate, or if I did not see it very clean I would hold it “on the fly”.

Why? Well, because I do not see the problem. When you go into a men’s room you do not see more than that, men. You do not see naked bodies nor do people teach the churra just like that. Moreover, I think that in my 38 years of life, urinating in public toilets, I have not seen any uncle.

In fact, even if that were the case (right now I’m thinking about a male wardrobe, where I’ve met little girls on more than one occasion), I would not see the problem either. We are all human and we have a body, and that’s it.

I take her to the women’s bathroom, of course…

It’s the answer that some women give because they would not want to see their little girl in a men’s room. What’s more, it’s the answer a few weeks ago gave a mom in the network of Mumsnet mothers, encouraging men to enter the women’s toilets because toilets likewise are private, and are much more suitable places for a girl.

Many women supported that opinion (out of more than 500 comments), horrified by the image of a girl in the middle of a man urinating , although many others opposed the possibility that men are now entering the women’s toilets to accompany their children. daughters

Lack of trust?

It is true that some toilets for men are more disgusting than anything else , but honestly… the same disgust gives if you go with a child than if you go with a girl. I went with my children to urinals that were literally disgusting, but hey, it’s a moment, you’re going to pee, period.

But they are a minority, I say. Most times the sink is as clean as a place can be so it’s public, and it’s not that bad.

However, what lies behind this, I believe, is a clear lack of confidence in us , and in the rest of men. They must imagine that an exclusive place for men is something like that space in which the instincts are given free rein, and that their girls are in danger, or that they can be corrupted, or that their childhood is going to be ruined by the risk to see a man urinating. And what do you want me to tell you: they are not that place they imagine, nor, as I said before, would anything happen if they saw more than the account (which is already rare).

Now, if you think I’m wrong tell me, please, because I still think that the debate is meaningless and that it’s as easy as I said at the beginning: go with your daughter into the men’s room, enter a closed cubicle and Do what you have to do in the most hygienic way possible.


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