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I bring the cocktail! Seven recipes to succeed this Christmas at home

I bring the cocktail
I bring the cocktail

Christmas Eve at your brothers’ house; Christmas, in the house of the in-laws; On the 26th, dinner at friends’ house, New Year’s Eve, New Year… and so on until Reyes. If something characterizes the days that are approaching it is the great amount of family reunions, meetings and parties with the friends that you are going to have. It is also about events that normally take place at home, one or the other. Even on the most marked days, such as New Year’s Eve, it is increasingly common to celebrate without having to leave, because it is more comfortable and more economical, in addition to being able to make children part of the party. If this Christmas you have a sarao in the house of your brothers or friends, do not hesitate, take care of the cocktail to succeed without complicarte.

I put…

A classic when it comes to organizing events, especially when it comes to friends, is to do what is called a “I put”, that is, to organize a collaborative menu in which each guest puts something. In this way the work of the hosts is facilitated, they have enough to put the house and organize dinner, and share expenses on a date when everything is skyrocketing.


Take care to bring the cocktail to set the bar high this Christmas

If we talk about Christmas, the palates become more demanding and the recipes are complicated. Do not panic. If these holidays you want to be the perfect guest, encourage yourself to bring something different that surprises the rest of the attendees.

A cocktail is a safe bet. From the classic combinations, to the most modern versions, we give you some ideas so you can prepare the perfect combination in any meeting with family or friends. In addition, we have included some proposals without alcohol so that they can enjoy those who have to take the car after the party, pregnant women or simply those who do not drink.

The important thing is to have quality ingredients (do not skimp on Christmas) and a good blender that allows you to get the exact point of the mix. Take good note and get ready for the final toast.


We start with a classic that can not be missed in any celebration. Original from Cuba, the mojito is easy to prepare and also allows multiple versions incorporating other fruits, such as strawberries, peach or mango. This cocktail can even be prepared without alcohol.

Ingredients (for consumption): a shot glass of white rum, lime juice, ice, two tablespoons of sugar, mint leaves, 1 lime, soda

Preparation: Place rum, sugar, lime juice and ice in a blender like Oster Pro 1100 and mix well at medium speed. Cut the slices of lime and place them in a wide glass. We add some crushed mint leaves and the previous preparation. We add soda to taste and serve very cold.

Raspberry Mimosa


This raspberry mimosa cocktail is a classic version (prepared with orange juice). It is a soft and refreshing combination, which can be very appetizing before the aperitif or after the starter.

Ingredients (for consumption): 25 gr of raspberries, half a spoonful of liquid cane sugar, a glass of cava.

Preparation: We crush the raspberries in the blender at low speed (they can be fresh or frozen). Put the mixture in a glass of cava, add the sugar and fill with very, very cold cava. We remove slightly and serve immediately.



We continue with a proposal for the whole family, very refreshing and appropriate to digest the copious meals so typical of the holidays. With a few ingredients and in a moment, you can get a homemade lemonade to dispense with sodas and offer a healthier version.

Ingredients (for a carafe): 5 lemons, 150 gr of sugar, 700 ml of cold water, 700 ml of soda and ice.

Elaboration: We take 4 lemons, cut them in half and take out the seeds. We put them in the high-powered glass blender so that they can process the skin and grind them at high speed. We add the cold water and sugar and mix well. We put the mixture in a jar. Add the ice (they can be whole cubes or ice crushed previously in the glass of the blender), the soda and the remaining lemon cut into slices. Let cool in the refrigerator at least 2 hours.

You can choose a classic cocktail, a more modern version and also surprise with a non-alcoholic cocktail

Pineapple sorbet with cava


This Christmas we propose a different toast with this pineapple sorbet with a touch of champagne, a very refreshing cocktail that you can also prepare without alcohol, leaving a very rich pineapple ice cream that the whole family can enjoy.

Ingredients (for two drinks): 150 gr of natural pineapple, 50 gr of water, 40 gr of sugar, 40 or 50 ml of cava.

Preparation: clean and cut into cubes the pineapple (preferably natural). We put it in a container and freeze it for at least 12 hours.

Put the water and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat to make a syrup. We remove it when it starts to boil. We leave it in the fridge to cool it down.

When we have the frozen pineapple, we take it out and put it in the Oster Pro 1100 glass blender. Add the syrup and cava. We crush everything at medium speed until we obtain a homogenous granita. We serve immediately.

White wine and mandarin punch


The punch is a very typical Christmas drink that has lagged behind and now we only see it as the protagonist of the teen parties of the American movies. This subtle version that we propose today, with wine and mandarin , is an authentic delight.

Ingredients (for two drinks): 1 yellow apple, 1 tangerine, 1 peach in syrup, 1/2 bottle of dry white wine, 1 tablespoon of agave or corn syrup and half a cup of sparkling water.

Preparation: Peel the apple, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces. We also peel the tangerine and separate the segments. Add the apple, mandarin and peach in syrup in the blender) and beat at medium speed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. We add the agave syrup and the white wine and mix it.

For the result to be that of a refreshing cocktail, the wine must be very cold. We add the water with gas and cool well before serving (a half hour in the fridge). If you prefer, you can add crushed ice previously in the blender.

Strawberry Margarita


Daisy is another traditional combination. Originally from Mexico, it is a small but intense cocktail that allows slightly softer versions, simply adding the fruit you like, in this case, strawberries.

Ingredients (for consumption): 6 or 7 strawberries, 30 ml of aged tequila, 15 ml of orange liqueur (Cointreau type), 15 ml of liquid cane sugar, half a spoonful of salt, ice and lemon.

Preparation: We prepare the strawberries by cleaning them and removing the green part. Then we freeze them for 2 hours (we can use them directly frozen if it is not strawberry season). When we have the frozen strawberries, we put them directly in the blender with about 3 large ice cubes and crush everything at medium speed. Then we add the two liqueurs (tequila and Cointreau) and the cane sugar and mix. We serve very cold.

Vermouth granita


The vermouth or vermouth is the protagonist of most appetizers , also at Christmas. To give a spin to this classic liquor, we propose this slush that maintains all its essence, but with a softer touch .

Ingredients (for consumption): 1 glass of black vermouth, half a spoonful of sugar, 2 stuffed olives and ice.

Preparation: Add the vermouth, sugar and ice (about two or three large cubes) in the Oster Pro 1100 glass blender and mix well to obtain a granita, increasing the speed manually to achieve the desired texture. We serve it in the glasses and put a flag with the stuffed olives. We serve very cold.

Do not complicate yourself

Any of the 7 cocktail proposals will make you win this Christmas. But if you want to do it without complicarte and without spending the afternoon in the kitchen, get yourself tools that will facilitate the work, both preparation and subsequent cleaning.

Blstmb Cto 050 Clean Angle Off

We are talking about the Oster Pro 1100 glass blender that allows you to obtain professional textures and finishes. Thanks to its reversible technology and the powerful six-point blade, it is even possible to chop ice until obtaining a granita with the desired texture. The blender will help you prepare, not only cocktails, but also smoothies, smoothies, creams and sauces thanks to its preprogrammed functions.

And you will not have to work hard, because it has a wide mouth and great capacity, so you can make large quantities at one time.

If this Christmas you want to sign up with your friends, prepare a delicious cocktail and surprise them. Of course, you risk that from then on they will name you official barman of the group.


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