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I have a tenth lottery shared

We bought a tenth for the Christmas Lottery among the co-workers. But how can I be sure that I will charge my share, should it be rewarded?

I have a tenth lottery shared
I have a tenth lottery shared

El Gordo de Navidad is the most important prize of the year, and its tenths, the most shared among family, groups of friends or colleagues. The excitement of seeing the announcement of the Christmas Lottery already makes our hair stand on end, so we happily set out to buy tenths.

The problem is that, as there is usually trust, we just write down the number we bought and we no longer think about it until the day of the lottery. But reality shows us that, in case of being lucky, not everyone acts in good faith. Therefore, it is advisable to take certain precautions when acquiring a shared tenth.


  • The tenth depository. The only requirement to collect the prize is to have the winning lottery ticket, keeping the ticket in good physical condition. That is, the person who keeps the tenth may receive the full amount and, if there is no evidence that shows that it is a shared number, not distribute it.
  • Evidence of co-ownership. To avoid disappointment in case you are awarded, make sure you have proof, in writing, that it is a tenth with different owners. The best thing is for the depositary of the tenth to give everyone a copy of the ticket detailing the amount that each person contributes and that they sign it with their DNI and that of all the other participants. This would also serve as proof, in case you had to legally claim your share.
  • What if it is shared by WhatsApp? In case the purchase of the tenth has been agreed through a group of WhatsApp, it is advisable to save the image of the tenth, as well as different screenshots in which the group can be identified, the names of the participants and the amounts contributed by each member, in addition to keeping all messages of the group, as they will be evidence admitted in court.
  • Be careful with the payment. It is important that to collect the tenth all the winners come and their proportional part of the prize is attributed. If it is only received by the tenth depositary and then distributed, it could be considered as a donation and this is taxed with different taxes.
  • Should we declare the prize? In case your proportional part of the prize is superior to 2,500 euros, the Treasury will keep 20% of said amount.


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