Home Entertainment I have turned my family into a reality on YouTube

I have turned my family into a reality on YouTube

I have turned my family into a reality on YouTube
I have turned my family into a reality on YouTube

The presence of children with their own channels on YouTube is no longer a novelty. Some more humble, others become stars for an audience that counts for hundreds of thousands. In some cases, not only they monopolize the protagonism.

Sometimes, the whole family is the one who is part of a show that can range from a few euros at the end of the month for the home to supporting the domestic economy. In any case, they are projects that involve everyone. They are families converted into a YouTube reality show .

Births and confessions in front of the camera

Nohemí García is the one in charge of the Carameluchi Family channel. Although she started it on a personal level and with her own initial nickname, today she tells the story of her entire family, composed of her husband, Fran, her two children, Elaia and William (born when the channel was already underway) and herself. All for its 772,000 subscribers.

His first vlogs told the life of the family in the United States, later moved to Spain and then ended up in the United Kingdom. During the four years of life of the canal, the Carameluchi have shown their day to day details with great detail, including when Nohe broke water before giving birth to William and the camera focused on the murky water on the ground to then go to the hospital by car. There are not many things that remain outside the channel.

Some other videos of the channel that serve as an example of this total transparency:

In a similar line is Verdeliss, the pseudonym of Estefanía Unzu, a Pamplona who makes public the day to day of her family, composed by herself, her husband Aritz, and their six children. The first, Aimar, had it at nineteen.

Their videos are mainly vlogs in which they tell the details of family daily life. The eight making the purchase, each doing their homework, a girl has dropped a tooth of milk, we have moved house, a joke goes wrong, we have stopped the Civil Guard.

Speaking of monetization

The relationship of Verdeliss -1.1 million subscribers- with the monetization of their videos is special. Videos sponsored directly by a brand are usually much more profitable than walking depending on the ads placed by YouTube, in addition to having an assured amount that does not depend on as many variables as with traditional advertising. This is what several youtubers have confirmed in the past, reluctant to talk about specific figures publicly as it usually happens with youtubers and practically any profession.

A few years ago, when its reach began to be really big, some brands began to take an interest in these sponsored videos. Verdeliss did an exercise in transparency: before accepting any agreement, he consulted his subscribers, told them that he did not know what to do and asked them to comment with their opinion about it. The campaign went ahead, the monetization of the channel skyrocketed and not only gave shelter to those videos, it also became the image of the campaign back to school for Carrefour.

On one occasion, Verdelis spoke in an interview with My Baby and I about his opinion regarding his family’s public exposure:

“I do not think that [the public display of their children’s image] will have a negative effect, and in the end what we publish are supernatural and spontaneous everyday moments that any modern-day family lives in. I do not feel there is anything for which They have to be ashamed, and we are raising them in tolerance and respect and to be what they are with what they have. ”

About her videos, she also said that she and her partner, Arix, “want to keep videos with the gestures of their children as they live it and transmit it as they feel it”.


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