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Ibiza slow: plans out of season

Ibiza sounds like a party and electronic, tastes like salt and smells like endless nights. But when the summer fades, the island calms down and, like a sleeping volcano, it begins its hibernation: the perfect moment for lovers of tranquility, organic and that hippie spirit inherent in the island.

You have to hunt the sun like this
You have to hunt the sun like this

Today we seek tranquility on the island of great parties; today we hide in the slow pace that once marked the lives of the peasants. Not everything will be to drink to forget. And that is why Ibiza now becomes, in full epoch of closing of parties, a perfect destination to live slowly and to know in slow motion.

This is the other Ibiza, which still keeps the desire to remain calm and patience between the ‘drum & bass’ and the kamikaze electronics.

Ibiza slow in Ca Na Xica
Slow Ibiza in Ca Na Xica


Imagine: you wake up in a king size bed, slowly decide the intensity of the light (you can always choose the warm sexy light in your control panel), choose some music from your mobile in the speakers of your suite, put a stand on the ground and confirm that today you will not take a shower, no: you are going to prepare the final bath of amenities of Organic Apivita, with extract of royal jelly, honey, propolis… To start the day as a (bee) queen.

After the bath, overlooking the sea, touch a coffee and a call to your Aura Manager, that is, your guardian angel of the Hotel ME Ibiza, that in charge of knowing what to recommend and how to make your stay in Ibiza the best the pleasures.

This is how you can find out about one of the star activities of the hotel, Antigravity Yoga. And that is how you will meet Sonia Pittet, your instructor. Your voice, sweet and warm, will rock you and carry you through the exercise and, almost without realizing it and without knowing how, you will see yourself hanging (literally) face down and with all the muscles of your body relaxed, as if you were still in that bathtub of your Chic Suite.

Ibiza slow: plans out of season
The Hotel Me Ibiza starts the day well

Practicing this technique suspended on a canvas and overlooking the Mediterranean from the rooftop of ME Ibiza, is spectacular, “doing it here helps more to relax and think about flying,” says Sonia.

The benefits of the practice of Antigravity have several levels: physical, such as total decompression of the spine, renewal of the lymphatic system, digestive and circulatory or anti-aging (bringing more blood and oxygen to the muscles); but also at a nervous and psychological level, improving our ability to learn; self-esteem, through the process of conquering and controlling fear; and making us happier by releasing serotonin, endophyllin and dopamine.

“Everyone should try it because this feeling of lightness, of flying back to childhood with the awareness of an adult… is unique. And as Christopher Harrison, the inventor of Antigravity, says: ‘creating space in your body will create spaces in your mind,’ “says Sonia.

Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of being able to perform all the exercises in a progressive manner and the feeling of reaching that level of confidence with our own body and of ultimate relaxation by relaxing the spine, is the perfect mix to start a relaxed day in Ibiza.


Between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Miquel de Balansat hides the organic restaurant Aubergine, the perfect place for a first bite. In Aubergine there are no frozen products: here everything goes from the garden to the table,ingredients that have only passed through the hands of Rosina, Aubergine’s cook.

And with an evident protagonist in the breakfasts: the bread pays. If you are a bread purist, choose it with olive oil and tomato or with melted cheese and oregano. If you prefer the strength and the flourish, do not hesitate and opt for the mixture of tomato, avocado and goat cheese.

Accompany your toast with some country eggs to taste (pumpkin and feta cheese, spinach and onion or zucchini and peppers), with ‘toppings’ of bacon, goat cheese or feta cheese. Add a yogurt with muesli, nuts and chocolate or one of your homemade cakes.

To drink, ask for the juice menu and drink it: the Mediterranean (strawberry, orange and banana), Virus killer (beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger), the Beauty (melon, raspberry and mint)… Anyone will form a perfect team with the rest of your payés breakfast.

Ibiza slow: plans out of season
The perfect ‘slow breakfast’ is taken here

Ses Salines is THE beach. Or not. Continue walking towards the west and ascend the hillside. From that point Ses Salines is radiant. A good panoramic picture that improves if you continue a little more.

Stop when you arrive at La Nave, an old salt warehouse of 700 square meters that, today, converted into an exhibition space, keeps the best kept secret of Keith Haring. The collector and patron Lio Malca has brought to Ibiza four great works of the American artist.

Highlight the two containers (painted with their iconic silhouettes) in which Haring sold its products on its way through the Japanese capital, Pop Shop TokyoYou can enjoy it until October 13, when Malca will create another wonderful exhibition…

Ibiza slow: plans out of season
Keith Haring also visits Ibiza


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