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Improves food habits

Improves food habits
Improves food habits

In today’s society, we have an accelerated pace of life, with stress and anxiety being part of everyday life. This causes bad habits in all aspects of life, including meal times.

Concentrate on eating.

As we have said before, an accelerated rhythm of life causes bad habits when eating. One of these bad habits is not paying attention to food.

Generally, the great amount of tasks that we have to carry out throughout the day, as well as the use of social networks, causes that, at the time of eating, we are performing several tasks simultaneously. This is a mistake, since we are not really focusing on eating. When we are performing several tasks simultaneously, it is quite difficult to attend to the signal of our own body telling us that we are full. The lack of attention to this signal will cause us to eat too much.

At lunchtime, leave the phone on your side, sit properly in an appropriate place and enjoy your meal. This, applied to other aspects of life, will help us to connect with ourselves and with our surroundings, being able to enjoy more of the daily tasks.

Eat slower

A large part of the population spends less than 20 minutes eating. This is a mistake, since the average time necessary for the body to react by telling us that it is satiated is 20 – 30 minutes.

When we eat so fast, we do not give the body time to send us this signal of satiety, it is more likely that we keep eating until we finish all the food on the table.

Serve your food, sit down and eat quietly, chewing enough.

Do not treat food as a sentimental refuge

When you are in a state of nervousness, you eat a snack. When someone hurts you or hurts you for which you feel affection, you eat to evade.

This way of thinking can trigger serious eating disorders among other problems.

Food is a pleasure. This is true, however, using this pleasure to evade sentimental problems is a mistake.

Take care of the details

The state of anxiety and stress mentioned above causes us to devote less time to our meals.

Preparing meals in an appropriate way can have psychological benefits at mealtime. On the contrary, eating anything in any way will enhance this anxiety and overwhelm.

There is no need to spend too much time preparing meals, but do not eat in any way. Find the middle point.


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