Home Technology Mobile In 2018, iPhone sales will rise… and those of Samsung?

In 2018, iPhone sales will rise… and those of Samsung?

ıphone x ve note 8
ıphone x ve note 8

This year, iPhone sales will increase, while Samsung’s sales will go down a bit, according to analysts at TrendForce, via 9to5Mac.

In its report, TrendForce indicates that, during 2017, the production of Apple’s popular phone registered an increase of 3% compared to the previous year. It could have been higher, but was affected by the limitations in the manufacture of the iPhone X.

Despite this, the firm predicts that iPhone production will register an increase of 7.5% during 2018.

Likewise, he hopes that this year’s Apple phones will have an improved Face ID technology, as well as a screen that covers the entire front. The most important thing, however, is that “the company plans to increase storage memory and the AMOLED screen on two of its devices.”

In addition, to meet the demand in different ranges of the market, “Apple will launch a second generation of the iPhone SE, which targets the mid-range segment.”

For its part, despite having registered an increase in sales of 3% during 2017, Samsung will lose that same percentage this year, due to great challenges and fierce competition with its rivals, such as Apple and Chinese brands.

However, the South Korean company will remain as one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones in the world, emphasizes TrendForce.

Finally, it estimates that the total production of cell phones reached 1.46 billion units worldwide. While its predictions for 2018 indicate that the iPhone X will be the only device with advanced facial recognition, while other manufacturers will continue to adopt the fingerprint reader, due to “technical difficulties.”

For now, we have 12 months ahead to see what the main mobile device manufacturers have prepared for us.


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