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In the future you will accept to see advertisements in the car… to save you the connection and the connected services

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

In a world in which the constant advertising bombardment is the daily bread, advertisers never stop looking for new formulas to send us their messages. Our personal vehicle, which has great potential in this regard, could be a new advertising platform.

An American company called Telenav, whose connected services already use brands such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Lexus, is planning an advertising platform inside our vehicles (because the “cars-advertisement” are already invented long ago), through the Infotainment system.

At the moment the Telenav system, which the brand wants to sell to a large manufacturer, would only show the ads when the car is stopped (at the start, at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, for example) to avoid distractions, although in the future not too much Far away, the adoption of autonomous vehicles would make it easier for said advertisements to be present at all times – and also entertainment of all kinds or even purchases-.

Advertising on your car's multimedia system is just around the corner

The ads themselves would be both static and animated, but without audio, and would disappear as soon as the vehicle started up or when the user interacted with the system to change the music, answer a phone call or configure the vehicle’s navigator.

Ads to pay less

The program, designed for vehicles with Internet connectivity, plans to serve us ads directly on the screen of our car and what do we get in return? The idea is that the user can save the fees of the connected services (which otherwise would have to pay) by simply accepting exposure to advertising through his car.

This approach helps manufacturers reduce costs related to connected services such as data connection, content, software or cloud services, “a Telenav spokeswoman said recently.” In exchange for accepting advertisements in their car, drivers enjoy connected services free of subscription fees,” he concluded.

Advertising on your car's multimedia system is just around the corner

In addition, the advertising would be personalized based on the information collected about the user through the vehicle (frequent routes, destinations, preferred hours, etc…). How about the announcement of a succulent pizza just before lunch or dinner, while going home? And a cheap gas station that turns out to be on our way? Better a shop in our journey that is on sale!

According to the company itself based in Santa Clara, California, drivers have no problem with advertising if they get something in return. “A Telenav study shows that users are receptive to ads when they get something of value in return.”


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