Home Health Sexuality Increase your pleasure while bathing together

Increase your pleasure while bathing together

Increase your pleasure while bathing together
Increase your pleasure while bathing together

One of the ways to make your sex life more pleasant is to have the wit to do different things with your partner; This means taking advantage of any moment, space of your house and activity to end the routine.

The bathroom is one of the corners of your home ideal to carry out gamesand sexual encounters. If you try, you can experience other emotions in your intimate life.

Bathing with your partner is an excellent resource to start the love meeting. Is the opportunity to cycle, play and strengthen the intimacy between the couple, says Walter H. Ghedin, psychiatrist and psychotherapist; author of the book Amores anxiosos .

Highly enjoyable game

One of the motivations to move from the comfort of your bedroom to the bathroom is to start with games such as lathering your back and alternating it, letting him start afterwards. This act is relaxing as exciting by the combination of the touch of your hands on your skin with water.

Another game is that you start playing with hot and cold water jets , the change of temperature is a way to awaken your eroticism.

This is also an opportunity to enjoy more of your partner’s body . Caressyour intimate area and kiss it , this will be an excellent option to raise your libido.

It is a good time to exchange wordslookssmiles and stimuli; the limit is your imagination.

The communication is critical to both find more possibilities to explore together and in common agreement each of the parts of your body, explains Ghedin.

More stimulation

Marianne Brandon, a sexual therapist, considers bathing a slippery and overly stimulating place, so keep in mind that water eliminates the natural lubrication of the body, so it is advisable to use a silicone-based lubricant.

Keep towels nearby for use as a stand, if required, as well as a shower bench for comfort and a handle with a sucker placed on the wall to be a source of support

They can buy products to complement the encounter, such as soapsfragrances and lotions for body bath and massage.

Overcome shyness

The shyness perhaps is something that prevents you enjoy this pleasurable experience; If you feel sorry to observe your body, look for options that make you feel comfortable .

You can use the foam to disguise the nakedness of your body . Another alternative is to undress in your bedroom and start with the erotic game, this will help you relax, Ghedin recommends.

Remember that the bathroom as a couple can become the previous work for a sex with more pleasure. Enjoy your privacy!


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