Infinity War Avengers: Chris Hemsworth (Thor) reacts to the trailer! 0:13

The trailer does not go far enough, according to the actor!


Thor and The Guardians of the Galaxy will team up in Avengers Infinity War. While we had a glimpse of their meeting at the very end of the Russo film trailer, Chris Hemsworth returns to this scene“I can not say too much but Thor wonders what’s happening to him, where is Who are these people, there is a raccoon, a man-tree … He is rather confused. ” In an interview given to IGN, the interpreter of the God of Thunder also explains that he was very surprised by the content of the trailer :“He does not give enough information, that’s what I thought when I looked at it, and for Joe Russo it was important to give something to the fans, but it was not necessary for the story to be explained.”

Thor played by Chris Hemsworth
Thor played by Chris Hemsworth

We are not going to lie to each other, it is true that we were waiting impatiently to discover the first images of the film, even if we did not know everything about the plot. And that, Chris Hemsworth also understands: “We were all happy watching the trailer, to see that we’re part of this story, because when you’re on the field and working on a set, it’s difficult to When we see the trailer, we just say “Wow, that’s what we were doing.” “We ‘ll have to wait before we know more about the role of God. Thunder in the war against Thanos but Anthony Russo tease already a radical transformation of Thor in Avengers Infinity War. We can not wait to discover it!


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