Home Technology Apps Instagram will synchronize your Stories with WhatsApp

Instagram will synchronize your Stories with WhatsApp

Instagram will synchronize your Stories with WhatsApp
Instagram will synchronize your Stories with WhatsApp

The ephemeral contents have become one of the most popular options for sharing on social networks. Facebook is implementing this system in all its services and will now proceed to synchronize the Instagram Stories with the WhatsApp States.

Facebook will synchronize the Instagram Stories with the WhatsApp States

At the beginning of 2017, WhatsApp activated a new class of states. From the phrases we passed to the ephemeral content, something that many users did not like. WhatsApp ended up combining both services, but it inevitably joined the trend of creating ephemeral content that Facebook has taken to all its services. Both the main social network and Messenger received the treatment, in a quest to attack and defeat Snapchat from multiple fronts.

While the Instagram Stories do not stop updating and adding new features, the truth is that the States of WhatsApp and the other platforms is more static and not as popular. Not long ago Facebook enabled the synchronization of Instagram Stories with Facebook, and now will enable the same with WhatsApp. In this way, every time you go to upload a new content to Instagram, when you add it to your Story, it will give you the option to upload it to both Facebook and WhatsApp.

Instagram, queen of ephemeral content for Facebook

Facebook’s new movement with its applications makes a lot of sense. Since Snapchat refused to be bought by Facebook, the company decided to overcome it in its own game, transforming Instagram into a tool of ephemeral content that in a very short time surpassed in popularity its rival. While Facebook here took steps in the right direction, you can not say the same in the cases of Messenger and WhatsApp, where States and Stories feel more intrusive and inappropriate.

If Facebook wants to boost those services, this method makes sense. The content will be uploaded to where users want to upload it, and simply synchronize it will be something painless that users will care less. In addition, Instagram continues to be the main social network of ephemeral content, both on Facebook and globally. Snapchat is working on ways to recover the throne, and it seems that bet on the possibility of integrating its content on websites and  embed it in  the same way as a tweet or a Facebook post. 2018 promises to be exciting in the content war.


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