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Intel artificial intelligence creates its first music video clip

Artificial intelligence Intel music video

The race for innovation has just taken a new step in terms of human computing. The artificial intelligence Intel has created a music video, showing that this technology has come to provide new experiences to humans. In addition to resolving the Captcha test and granting the nationality to a robot for the first time, the advances in this area are being remarkable.

The song Rainy Day, Bu We Are Together” by Chinese singer Chris Lee is the first music video clip created through the use of artificial intelligence, specifically from Intel, the world’s largest processor manufacturer, which is also in the race to achieve notorious advances using this technology, competing with other companies, such as Google.

According to Intel, producers have been able to create special effects on the face of this artist through an automatic learning system that instantly reconstructs a face in 3D while being able to track movements in real time and even facial expressions.

When using artificial intelligence in a music video, the singer Lee does not have tracking markers and the cameras only had to capture the scenes, so that later this technology takes care of the special effects.

That the artificial intelligence of Intel is able to create a music video is a sample of the potential that can be developed in the future in this field.


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