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Intel responds to the accusations: “many devices, processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits”

Intel responds to the accusations
Intel responds to the accusations

Today we started the day with one of those bombs that made the community tremble, because according to The Register, Intel processors have a serious design flaw, and making changes in operating systems could seriously affect the performance of computers.

As Intel has come to face looking for clarification, because according to the company, these exploits that could damage the data of users’ devices, are not exclusive to their processors, but any other processor regardless of the brand of the computer or operating system, could be affected.

The problem is not only for Intel, but for all, according to the same Intel

According to his early research, Intel ensures that these exploits can be used for malicious purposes to collect sensitive data from computers. However, such exploits “do not have the potential to corrupt, modify or eliminate data” .

They also make clear that the assertion that the “errors in the design of their processors” affect the development of these exploits to a greater extent is incorrect. They even go further by stating that, according to their analysis, this can affect many types of computing devices, with all kinds of processors and operating systems from different suppliers”.

Intel: the claim that the “errors” in the design of our processors affect the development of these exploits to a greater extent is incorrect.

On the other hand, Intel mentions that it is already working hand in hand with AMD (while AMD denies the failure of its processors), ARM Holdings and the operating system providers, this to develop software and firmware patches that help avoid potential problems the use of these exploits.

The company also took the opportunity to clarify the possible impact on the performance of computers after resolving the failure: “the impact on performance will depend on the workload and, for the average user, should not be significant, plus it will adjust with the passage of time.

Finally, Intel anticipates that the following week will give more details about the measures and the deployment of updates to solve this problem, which will also offer the analysis and results of possible global effects, so today recommend installing the updates that arise as soon as possible.

The problem could be bigger than it seems


Along with Intel’s statement, Ina Fried de Axios assures that its sources have confirmed that in effect, this failure not only affects Intel processors, it also mentions that ARM is about to confirm that Cortex-A is affected.

This would mean that not only computers would be exposed to these exploits, but also tablets, smartphones and any device with an ARM processor. This would lead to the developers of operating systems having to rewrite part of their operative code. That is, Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more would have a lot of work ahead.


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