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IOS games will have to break down the odds of loot boxes

clash royale
clash royale

While the debate over whether loot boxes can be considered gambling is still going on, the digital store of Apple devices updates its guide to developer standards with an added one: it is possible to offer ‘loot boxes’ whenever the The consumer previously knows the type of content that is included.

This measure, collected in point 3.1.1 of the guidelines guide , establishes that games and applications that include ‘loot boxes’ should break down the probabilities of receiving each type of itemfrom customers before purchase. Of course, our chances of obtaining better prizes will be the same.


In fact, it is not the first time that we see a similar measure in Vida Extra: last year, at this time, the Government of China promoted a very similar initiative that would cover any game that offered these packs of random content.

A measure that may not cushion the increasingly pronounced tendency to include these contents-especially taking into account the daily income of free-to-play games such as ‘Clash Royale’ – but that, ultimately, will serve to offer a greater reliability and transparency to the consumer.


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