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iPhone X and cold do not mix

iPhone X and cold do not mix

Reddit users complained Wednesday that their iPhone X did not work properly when they go outside, where the ambient temperature is colder. Apple said it was aware of the problem and that it would soon bring a fix in an update.

According to the user darus214, the screen of his phone barely record his touch controls as soon as he leaves his home. “As soon as I step outside, in just two seconds, my screen stops responding,” he wrote. I try to scroll through websites and the screen does not detect my finger. It’s very obvious. Does anyone else have the same problem?

While the majority of people who commented on this publication do not seem to experience similar boredom, a few answered in the affirmative. The ultraspoon user indicated that he had managed to get around the problem by locking and unlocking his screen.

Apple says on its website that devices running iOS should ideally be used at temperatures between 0 and 35°C. “In fact, temperatures that are too low or too high can lead to different operation,” says the page dedicated to this question. The company adds that it is best to keep the device at temperatures between -20 and 45 ° C.

In an official comment sent to The Loop, a site specializing in coverage of the news surrounding Apple, the company said it is aware of the problems experienced by some users of iPhone X in connection with the cold. “After several seconds, the screen will return to full functionality. We will fix this in a future update.”


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