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iPhone X: Face ID does not work to approve family purchases

iPhone X: Face ID does not work to approve family purchases
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Apple introduced its new Face ID feature as a revolutionary authentication method when it launched the tool with its iPhone X. But, it seems that Apple itself is not totally confident about the effectiveness of technology Face ID as a security measure. As initially reported by Ars Technica, a number of iPhone X users have discovered that Face ID technology is not a viable authentication method for Apple’s “Request a Purchase” feature,which allows parents give their children and other members permission to download content.

On the contrary, each time one of these requests is made, the account holder (or “family manager”) must enter the Apple account password, approving each purchase attempt one by one.

This is particularly frustrating since users were previously able to approve purchases at the push of a button on devices with a Touch ID button. But since iPhone X does not have this feature, this option no longer exists and even if you can use Face ID to authenticate other purchases, oddly enough, you can not use it to authenticate purchases made… in the App Store (unless you do them yourself).

Not problematic, but frustrating!

Although this does not seem like a huge problem, it can be rather heavy for large families or during school time. After all, if members of your family receive gift cards from the App Store and try to use them, you will need to individually approve each of these transactions. It’s also a little surprising given the transition between Face ID and Touch ID. Many third-party applications that previously used Touch ID technology have automatically migrated to Face ID technology for owners of iPhone X, making Apple’s own control even more shocking.

That said, Face ID is not yet the perfect solution , and that may be why Apple remains cautious in this type of transaction. Apple has admitted that Face ID can be fooled by a family member who is very similar to another. In any case, it is becoming increasingly clear that biometric security measures, while practical, are not always effective and, Apple is one of the many companies that are always looking to do things right.


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