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Is tap water or bottled water better?

Is tap water or bottled water better?
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Hydration is something that we all have to do because of basic functions, but you have to pay special attention if you are an athlete. Drinking water before, during and after our training is very important, but would you know which water is better? There are many doubts about the tap and bottled, so we will try to clear this mystery.

Is tap water better?

According to a technical report from the Ministry of Health, in Spain 99.05% of the water that comes out of the tap is potable. This does not mean that the water is the same anywhere in the country where you open the tap. Although it is always drinkable, it can have different flavors and odors depending on substances such as calcium or bicarbonates.

Do not be afraid to drink tap water because it is totally healthy, as it previously passes strict health checks. Having chemical elements is something normal and in fact, the bottled one also has them in mind.

Let’s highlight some advantages of the one that comes out of the tap so that you understand that there is nothing to fear:

  • It’s relatively free. Spaniards pay approximately 1.57 euros (plus VAT) for each thousand liters of water supplied. What makes us think that we get very cheap compared to other countries or even bottled.
  • It’s just as good as the bottle. In Spain there are no appreciable distinctions between tap water and bottled water. In fact, there are bottled waters that have a purifying treatment to level them with tap water. We must also take into account the water from the springs seated in limestone rocks that contain high levels of calcium and sodium (hard water). For a long time it was said that it could cause kidney problems, but it has been shown to be beneficial in preventing osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. Although of course, if a person has pathologies, it is better to avoid their use.
  • It does not pollute. We save on bottling made of petroleum-based plastics. In addition, the elimination of this plastic also releases many toxic gases into the environment. In addition, costs can be added when extracting water, treating it with expensive processes and transporting it by road.

And the bottled one?

On the other hand we have bottled water in 2011, according to the National Association of Bottled Water Companies Spain became the third European consumer to drink 107 liters of water packaged per year per inhabitant.
Like tap water, bottle water contains advantages to be highlighted:

  • We avoid chlorine. Despite the fact that at school we were told that water is insipid, it is true that depending on the substances it contains, it may have a certain flavor. For example, the tap can have an aftertaste to chlorine, but the bottled eliminates it thanks to a filtration process.
  • It protects us from bacterial contamination. The tap water contains numerous microorganisms that are harmless to us. Although in Spain it is difficult, there is a risk of contamination by pathogens if the infrastructures have not been renewed from time to time. In bottled water, however, it is almost impossible for this to happen.
  • In severe cases, its consumption is always better. Assuming that we are facing hurricanes or earthquakes, infrastructure will be broken and tap water will be nonexistent. It will be necessary to pull bottle reserves. In addition, they also recommend their use when we get sick, as it contains weak mineralization.

With all this we conclude that the tap water is just as good as the bottled one, being each one particular. In case you do not suffer any disease that requires it, you can drink from your kitchen quietly. You will save money and help the environment.


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