Home News History Is Walt Disney really frozen?

Is Walt Disney really frozen?

We tell you the reality about this extended urban legend.

Is Walt Disney really frozen
Is Walt Disney really frozen?

If you ask any of your neighbors if the creator of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, is frozen, almost certainly answer yes, but he does not know where they keep it. It is one of the most widespread urban legends on the planet but the reality is completely different.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 at St. Joseph Hospital after being detected a cancer in the left lung, something not strange considering that it was difficult to see him without a cigarette on his lips. Two days after his death, he was cremated and taken to the cemetery by his relatives in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California, Los Angeles. So, what fed the urban legend that Walt was cryogenized?

After his death the family held a very intimate funeral, so that only a few people could see Walt Disney’s corpse . In addition, the Disney family had already been interested in biological cryogenization processes, an incipient industry with great business prospects ahead at that time. Finally, the fact that the family asked that flowers not be sent to the cemetery but that donations be made to the California Institute of the Arts that the deceased himself had founded was the starting point of this myth. In fact one of the most popular photos of those who visit the Los Angeles cemetery is next to the pantheon of the Disney , where the name of Walter Elias Disney appears along with Lillian Bounds Disney and Robert B. Brown.


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