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iTunes welcomes James Bond in 4K: 007 format will reach our screens with more quality than ever

iTunes welcomes James Bond in 4K
iTunes welcomes James Bond in 4K

Speaking of spy movies is referring to a name: 007 or what is the same, James Bond. It is the secret agent at the service of “his majesty” most famous in history and although there are very good alternatives as is the case of the Bourne saga (starring Matt Damon, of course) Bond is still a reference.

Each release of a new movie in the saga is news (it remains to be seen if Daniel Craig will repeat in the role of the most famous secret agent) and represent an event for the fans of the saga. A saga that now sees how it reaches the highest possible quality (for now) to iTunes, where the entire collection of titles in resolution will be available4K, UHD under the title “The James Bond Collection”.

A fact to note, it is the first time that the collection is released in UHDand it includes all movies. From the 1962 starring Sean Connery to the present with Daniel Craig, leaving through agents embodied by the unrepeatable Roger Moore or the more discreet Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby or Timothy Dalton. Only one absence in the saga, that of Never Say Never Again, the title of 1983. This is the list of titles that make up the collection:

  • Bond: 007 against Dr. No
  • Bond: From Russia with love
  • Bond: Goldfinger
  • Bond: Thunderball
  • Bond: You only live twice
  • Bond: Her Majesty’s secret service
  • Bond: Diamonds are forever
  • Bond: live and let die
  • Bond: The man with the golden gun
  • Bond: The spy who loved me
  • Bond: Moonraker
  • Bond: Only for your eyes
  • Bond: Octopussy
  • Bond: A view of a death
  • Bond: The Daylight Living
  • Bond: license to kill
  • Bond: Goldeneye
  • Bond: tomorrow never dies
  • Bond: The world is not enough
  • Bond: Another day dies
  • Bond: Casino Royale
  • Bond: Quantum of Solace
  • Bond: Skyfall
  • Bond: Specter

All movies have been remastered in UHD resolution. There are a total of 24 titles available to buy for $ 15 each, although for now there is no rental option. It is the only downside that can be put to this offer along with the absence of support for HDR .

And if you wait for your output on Blu-ray UHD seems to touch wait, because Apple may have achieved exclusivity for a period of time. Apple thus achieves another important support for its video on demand platform after receiving a few days ago at UHD “The Nolan Collection”.


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