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Knows the best places to work in 2018



Well-paid jobs do not require a profession, since the levels of experience and qualification do not have to do with a degree of study, so companies in Silicon Valley only ask for certain skills, not academic degrees, however, other areas such as Advertising and marketing usually ask for high academic degrees.

Every year, Fortune, Forbes, and LinkedIn often publish a list of the companies “most desired to work”, among which always stand out the same, as if they were the eternal exception, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Instagram, the companies that are usually a trend in social networks, not only for their quarterly earnings, but for their work models, which are flexible and well paid.

On this occasion, Glassdoor published its list of “best places to work in 2018”, and for that, it analyzed 35 million employee reviews of the more than 700 thousand companies that are registered in its platform. Although some results are predictable, there are some cases that attract attention:

1.- Facebook

2.- Bain & Company

3.- Boston Consulting Group

4.- Hamburhuesa In-N-Out

5.- Google

6.- Lululemon

7.- HubSpot

8.- World Wide Technology

9.- St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

10.- Ultimate Software


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