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LG G7 and its name change, goodbye to LG’s G family?

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LG G7 and its name change, goodbye to LG's G family?
LG G7 and its name change, goodbye to LG’s G family?

Established for years, the G models of the Korean LG have constituted each year the flagship of the brand in front of its rivals. But this 2018 we could see a new trend, a change of name with the LG G7 that could be renamed and with it the LG G family.

Introduced to the market in 2012 with the LG Optimus G, the ‘G’ designation of LG became the next year a family within the brand, a series that started with the LG G2 in 2013 and that became the series of every top of the range that the LG brand has released since then. From the modular experiment that was the LG G5 to the most traditional and until the last moment that has been the LG G6, the G family is expected to expand this year with the LG G7. In fact, the LG G7 and G7 + with this nomenclature are part of the filtered list of smartphones with Snapdragon 845 processor that we will see this year.

The LG G series

LG G7 and its name change

But Samsung’s rival company – both from South Korea – may surprise us with a last-minute change, since according to the data that is now running across the country, LG may have new plans for its G family, which They would rename it and eliminate the G designation that has been accompanying the flaghsip of the brand for 5 years along with the V series. Therefore, the LG G7 would not be called as such, but would change its name at the last minute and therefore would be the end of LG’s G family, giving way to another series.

Basically a change of name for its high-end, this measure is common in large companies-for example what Apple has done with its iPhone X, a new name for its top-range, and in itself is an exercise in renewal and also marketing for a very demanding sector that wants both novelties and classic things, which is the same thing that LG could do: give the fans an LG G7 and G7 + but with a different name.

Conceptual design of the LG G7

Goodbye to the G family of LG?

Like all unofficial rumors, this information is not false or definitive until LG makes a statement, something he has not done yet. As we have pointed out, in the information leaked last week about all the range caps that will mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in 2018 was the LG G7 and G7 +, but maybe at the Mobile World Congress next month we will see a new LG series, that it would be a change for the Korean brand that this year could also be responsible for the screens of the new iPhone.


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