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Live Photos are a good idea, but be careful about sending them too lightly

Live Photos are a good idea
Live Photos are a good idea, but be careful about sending them too lightly

The Live Photos, presented together with the iPhone 6s, have been with us for two years now. And even if it’s something as simple as videotaping the moments before and after a photograph, they serve a lot to remember the environment we were in when we made the snapshot.

This feature is present in all modern iPhones, activated by default, and is something that perhaps we should take into account. Not to deactivate it if we do not need it and / or if we want to save space in iCloud and in our terminals, but to take some care when sharing those Live Photos.

Why? The ryanasimov user tells us clearly on Reddit. Many times photos are shared with added Live Photo without the sender noticing, and the recipient can access that small fragment of video with sound. And sometimes that sound can give us things that other people should not know :

I heard [in a Live Photo] the voice of a person in the background who, if others knew he was there, would be at least embarrassing to explain his presence in that place.

For example, the Live Photo could hear the voice of a person who maybe should be working at that time. And photography has been done away from that place of work. It is not much Apple’s intention to reveal those details (that depends on the privacy of each person), but we should be careful sending the photographs if we have Live Photos activated.

How not to send a Live Photo accidentally?

Camera Iphone Live Photo

The easiest way is obvious: before taking a picture, turn off Live Photo mode. You can do it by clicking on the circle that is right in the middle of the top bar of the camera application.

If you already have the photo taken with Live Photo and you have to send it with fear of what may happen, you can delete the animated part of the photograph. In the Photos application, open the picture you want to send and click on Edit:

Live Photo Activated

In the editing interface, you will see that the “Live” sign appears in the center of the upper part. Press it to remove all the animated part of the photograph. Finally, press OK to save the changes:

Live Photo Off

Ready, you already have the photograph without the possibly embarrassing part animated and with sound to be able to send it to whoever you want. It’s a good way to save yourself bad times.


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