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Living in the present, the worst advice for personal finances

Living in the present is the most common advice to end circles of anxiety, depression, among other problems. However, it is not the best advice when it comes to saving.

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The best recommendation to be a saving person is to focus on the future. If you are already one of those who save some money for emergencies or for retirement, this tip can improve your savings capacity, says the Wise Bread site.

Why think in the future? Researchers have found that focusing on the future helps people save more money by limiting their impulsive purchases and reducing the effects of materialism.

It is suggested to develop a vivid and detailed image of how you would like your future to be and not just think about it from time to time.

It works because the money saved is money for the future. Not having a real idea of what the future will be like makes sense of saving. Why save money for some imprecise reason when you could spend it now and enjoy what you buy?

Focus on saving in the future is to have the specific motivation and help the brain to understand exactly the reason for saving and maintain the motivation to achieve the goal.

Find your goal, write, draw and develop, bring a reminder and review your goal. These are the tips of Wise Bread to direct your savings for the future.


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