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Love breaks will become art in León

The museum of broken relationships arrives in León

Love breaks will become art in León
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Is it worth saving the things that your ex gave you? It depends. If instead of throwing them away, they can be exposed in a museum,maybe it’s a nice way to give a twist to that thorny issue that is the ruptures. And not only those of a couple, there are ruptures for all tastes and of all colors: family, friendly, work and even social.

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If Zagreb and Los Angeles already had their respective museums of broken relationships, now a Spanish city is a candidate to host an exhibition with a very similar idea.

The architect is Yago Ferreiro, who besides being a writer, poet and owner of the legendary Belmondo bar in León, is the creator of the Kintsugi project, works of lost (des) love, which wants to transform into art those objects that we associate with rupture, loss or impossible loves. “Kintsugi starts from an idea that haunted me for a long time and that was to write a manuscript with deliverable ink, that is: a book that, once opened, had a period of expiration and that, once finished reading, there was no record whatsoever, “he explains.

When the call for the I Scholarship for Artistic Creation of the Villalar Foundation came out, he tried his luck by presenting a project that, in addition to the manuscript, developed the possibility of making a complementary exhibition with damaged objects that represented the loss.

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Yago aims to recover these objects using the Japanese kintsugi technique, designed to repair damaged ceramic pieces, whose fractures, instead of being concealed, are accentuated by marking the cracks with resin mixed with precious metal dust such as gold. The philosophy of kintsugi states that breaks are also part of the object, because they expose its history, its transformations and scars.

Yago decided to open the call for breaks that were not only amorous, partly to escape the cliché of romantic love as something fundamental and essential, and partly because, in his own experience, his most painful breaks were not the love affairs, but the disagreements with friends or with social realities.

“I am very interested in the idea of ​​trying to repair the mistakes I make in my daily life by using literature. The metaphor of kintsugiapplied to literary work seems very honest, since I believe that everyone who writes, what they are trying to do is embellish their own history, endow their memory with a new meaning, to be able to move forward. Fiction is the most powerful form of conscious self-deception I know.”

The Kintsugi project, works of (un) love lost appeals to the need we all feel to tell our stories. That is, at least, what Yago believes that can motivate people to approach the ” mailbox of broken hearts“, which he has installed in the Museum of León and where he stayed until December 15. This mailbox, manufactured by Más que piñatas, is the repository of all objects – accompanied by their corresponding stories of rupture – that people want to leave inside to be part of the project.

Unlike the Museum of Broken Relationships – which Yago conceives as “an ideal place to carry out a good personal revenge” -, in his project it is rather that the object, almost in a shamanic way,” mute embellishing the memory of that story, this is: his scar. “His intervention on each of the objects, will vary depending on the degree of pain that transmits the story that accompanies it. The more pain, the greater the intervention, as if it were a surgery.

Although it is still in the process of collecting objects, and surely there will be stories of all kinds, for now Yago is left with this one of a girl from Elche, who has sent him a record. “Apparently, that album was always listening to him with a guy he had met on the internet. They connected at the same time, put the disc while chatting, each from one end of the country. So day after day. As far as I know, they never met in person.”

The date and place of the exhibition, are still to be determined, although it is inclined to do it in a space outside the museum area. They are not conventional objects, so they deserve to be exposed with respect and in an unconventional way. As for the production of the ephemeral manuscript, the great challenge is to find that ink that degrades over time until there is no trace of it and that turns the book itself into an allegory of loss.


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