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Love phrases you should never say on Halloween


Halloween is a very special date. It has a kind of magic halo that makes the most superstitious people believe in all the energy surrounding Halloween, but those who do not think there is a connection between the world of the living and the dead, they still enjoy it. It’s a night in which we decorate our houses, put on costumes, eat sweets, celebrate, watch horror movies, and celebrate it as a couple. It is a perfect occasion to spend alone and make some special plan, like any other celebration, and the limit is what we want to do. We can surprise our partner with a dinner, a blanket plan, sofa and movie, or give it a spicy touch with a night where to realize our sexual fantasies or try more daring things. Because yes, because Halloween is a good time to desinen, whenever we want.

But we also have to be careful. We may want to surprise our partner with a dedication of love , both spoken and in a letter, a message from WhatsApp, email, etc., and fall into some unfortunate or incorrect phrase. If you want Hallowen to be a special and daring couple, but you do not want to spoil it, you should avoid saying love phrases like the ones below.

1. ” On this magical night witches, ghosts, monsters and vampires will stalk you, but I will disguise myself as a superhero to save you.” Do not be macho or put yourself in the role of hero or prince, do you want to make your girlfriend believe that it is not autonomous?

2. “Are you going to wear a sexy Halloween costume? I look forward to it!” This is one of the typical macho phrases. Actually, each person is dressed up in what they fancy and Halloween night does not have to be a visual entertainment for others.

It’s Halloween night, do not let any comments affect you

3. “I would kill anyone for you “. This phrase we could say to indicate that we would become maniac assassins if necessary, but it is not pretty.

4. “This is your night, honey, because you’re a little witch.” We must be careful not to offend our partner by using a comic tone.

5. “If I were a vampire / vampire and you human, I would bite you so that we would be forever together.” The classic horror films are characterized because the monster wants to stay forever with the protagonist, but that is to restrict a little his freedom, right?

6. “With how handsome you are, why not wear a disguise that shows your beauty and instead of that ugly?” Halloween is to have fun, not a beauty pageant, do not take away from your partner the illusion of disguise.

Do not take away from your partner the illusion of disguise, it is not a beauty pageant

7. “I want us to make a love spell so we’re always together.” These phrases of eternal love are very typical, but they do not really encourage healthy relationships.

8. “What magic did you throw at us when we met? Because from that moment on I was enthralled with you.” It might seem like you are telling your partner that all the good things he has inside have not mattered.

9. “You’re just like my favorite horror monster: the werewolf!” Maybe we want to make a joke to tell our boyfriend or girlfriend that he is very hairy, do not offend him, even if it’s a joke!

10. “It’s Halloween, so we have to spend a night of sex.” Do not urge your partner to have sex that night, just do not want to.

Halloween is an ordinary night and if you do not want to have sex, do not do it

11. “Halloween night is so beautiful and romantic, it brings me great memories.” Are we remembering an ex-couple? This should not be a problem, because jealousy is not a good companion to a relationship, but perhaps your partner can feel compared.

12. “Honey, you’re the best character in terror, because when you get up in the morning you’re really scared, even though I like you the same.” Another one of those phrases with joke that we must be careful to know if our partner can annoy or not.

If you have not practiced BDSM ever, that Halloween night does not incite you to torture, or yes, what you and nobody else wants

13. “I’d like to get you into a torture chamber and spank you all night.” This phrase is only valid for couples who practice BDSM because they like both, so even if you want to evoke a horror movie with torture included, do not do it if you are not practicing this type of sex.

14. “Honey, you’re a bit like a horror movie character or at least that seems when you get angry, but it’s part of your charm.” This phrase can make your partner feel bad if it is a girl, because it is typical that we interpret that they are angry and do not take them seriously, so do not throw more wood to the fire.

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