Home Health Low weight can advance menopause

Low weight can advance menopause

Low weight can advance menopause
Low weight can advance menopause

In early menopause (in women under 45 years) several factors can influence such as the age of the first menstruation, genetics, autoimmune diseases, removal of ovaries, treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy; among others.

However, a recent study reveals that being underweight may be another trigger to accelerate the onset of menopause.

The creators of the study are researchers from the University of Massachusetts , United States, who analyzed the data of 80 thousand volunteer women , aged 25 to 45 years, compiled by the Nurses Health Study II (from 1989 to 2011) and found that the low Body fat levels can affect reproductive function and cause early menopause.

This after observing that women, whose muscle mass index (BMI) was less than 18.5 kilograms per square meter had up to 30% more likely to have an early menopause , compared to those whose BMI was from 19 to 29.9 kilograms per square meter.

Some of the consequences of early menopause (lack of estrogen production) are the increased risk of heart diseaseosteoporosisdiabetesdepression and, of course, the impossibility of a pregnancy.

Like obesity, low weight has consequences in the body and early menopause is one of them. Beware!


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