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Masturbation tips that every woman should know

Masturbation tips that every woman should know
Masturbation tips that every woman should know

Taboos and prejudices have prevented seeing masturbation with a learning purpose; of knowledge of our bodies and our enjoyments, as well as the sensations that we perceive or the lovemaking techniques that we discover.

How many slogans are there about this practice? That if you get “hair on the hand”, that if you are going to “dry” your fingers, that if masturbate drives us crazy, that if it is a sin or a dirty practice. What “cantaleta” they said to you?

But masturbation is part of human sexuality, a caress, a moment of pleasure that you are free to make yourself. And you know what? It is a fundamental element for the success of relationships.

Only half of women masturbate

According to the Mexican Institute of Sexology, only half of Mexicans of reproductive age have masturbated. And is that since childhood we are taught that it is “inappropriate” to observe our genitals.

Many were not “allowed” to call things by their name: vagina, vulva, clitoris. If we touched immediately the scolding would come: leave there! But the time has come to empower us, because masturbation has multiple benefits.

For example, did you know that it prevents infections, reduces menstrual cramps, helps you release tension and allows you to reach orgasm more often? However, the most important is that it helps you to know yourself. That’s why I propose that…

Take your time

Make sure you have privacy, it’s a moment for you, a rich apapacho that you’re giving yourself.

Take care of your hygiene

It is an area very sensitive to infections, whenever you touch your hands wash.

Do not be afraid to use sex toys

Choose the most appropriate for you. Start with small vibrator, before the huge and textured dildos. Do not abuse, interspersed with masturbation with your fingers, because you could get used to a certain intensity.

Give rein to your sexual fantasies

Never do it mechanically, just satisfying your genitals. Always accompany your self-promotion with some fantasy. They are enriching!

Practice, practice, practice

Masturbation is also an art. Through it you can get multiorgasms. Play with your rhythms and intensities. Try to be close to the climax, stop and start again. Very satisfying!

A trick that sexologists recommend is to use a mirror so you can discover your own anatomy. Unbelievable, but many of us get to our first sexual relationship without knowing where the clitoris is, our ultimate pleasure switch.

Invite your partner

One of the moments of greatest intimacy is when you invite your partner to masturbate. Show him the path you have discovered, go guiding him, be a patient and understanding teacher. And eye, he does not necessarily have to limit himself to the fingers, he can use the penis, the feet or even sex toys. Use your imagination.


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