Home Technology Meet the Samsung vacuum cleaners inspired by Star Wars

Meet the Samsung vacuum cleaners inspired by Star Wars

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Meet the Samsung vacuum cleaners inspired by Star Wars
Meet the Samsung vacuum cleaners inspired by Star Wars

In recent days, the Star Wars movie saga has given a lot to talk about; from the premiere of Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, to the rumors of the next provisional title of the next installment. As expected, the faithful fans and lovers of the franchise that has managed to leave an impressive footprint in science fiction movies.

For this reason, there are several companies that have taken that as a pretext to present their products, as is the case of Samsung, which recently introduced a new line of vacuum cleaners inspired by the Star Wars galactic saga. We must recognize that cleaning the home is not a very attractive or pleasant activity, but perhaps with these devices we can feel the Force to do it in a fun way.

The South Korean company launched three models of vacuum cleaners called PowerBot, POWERstick and Canister, among which the limited edition of POWERbot Star Wars is designed for lovers of the saga. In addition to being inspired by the galaxy, these vacuum cleaners have the ability to control themselves through the smartphone.© unoceroMeet the Samsung vacuum cleaners inspired by Star Wars

Star Wars vacuum cleaners that are inspired by the dark side of the Force, such as Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers, work autonomously with a technology called “Visionary Mapping” whose objective is for the devices to remember the tour of the rooms and thus find other cleaning routes that are more efficient.

The Darth Vader version has a function that allows you to easily drive with the control to clean a specific place and can also connect via WiFi so that its mechanism is controlled from any corner in the home. Also, your tour will be a bit of fun, since it will emit sounds from the Star Wars saga.

If you want to obtain one of these vacuum cleaners, it is important to mention that in Mexico they are already available in department stores and specialized stores. The version of Stormtrooper will cost $ 717 while that of Darth Vader will be $ 833.

If the idea still does not convince you, we show you the video below to watch the operation of these devices.


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