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More details of the battery change of the iPhone: the 29 euros will be for a change in each terminal

iphone battery replacement
iphone battery replacement

New information arrives about the new conditions so you can change the battery of your iPhone. Through its official website, Apple has confirmed that the reduction of 29 euros to make the change can only be used once for each iPhone. MacRumors has been the one who has found the new detail, updated in that web surely because more than one person will have wanted to repeat the change several times taking advantage of the reduced price.

Put another way, Apple will charge you 29 euros again if the battery diagnosis that is made to the iPhone fails and indicates that you have to change that battery. The first time you want to change the battery you will be charged 29 euros or fail the test, but the next time, if you overcome it, you will pay the 89 euros of rigor.

Yes to change a battery with discount, not to do it without limits

Apple must have made this point because there must be customers who have asked for a second battery change even if it has given good results in its diagnosis. The initial treatment was to give you a new battery as a sign of goodwill regardless of the result of the diagnosis, seeing the controversy that had formed with the way that Apple had to extend the life of the iPhone with a certain age.

Remember that to take advantage of this discount on the change of batteries, the best thing you can do is go directly to an Apple Store for an appointment at the Genius Bar. If you do not have an Apple Store nearby, you can contact Apple to have an authorized center where that discount applies.


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