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The history of cinema has turned car models into true myths on and off the screen.

aston martin james bond
aston martin james bond

If I think about perfection, I have no doubt that, for me, it consists of being inside a classic convertible on a summer night watching a movie – one of those you’ve seen a hundred times, but the end is still moving you – in one autocine.

To live the passion of the motor through the cinema has been a true factory of unforgettable moments positioned in the mind of thousands of spectators permanently. There are examples of all kinds and color: Oches flying, talking, sailing and we even had the past were participants of screenplays that today have become essential to have a complete perception of the history of cinema.

It is impossible to think of gangster movies without imagining scenes of cars dodging rains of bullets  through the streets of New York or Chicago and how can we forget the romantic moments brought by the convertibles of the fifties and sixties on both sides of the pond?

The car has been able to be in all genres of cinema demanding a deserved role as protagonist.

And beyond passion, let’s not forget the ability of the film industry to convert the original pieces that participated in the films into objects of collection suitable for very few pockets , making it very difficult, if not impossible, to find those same models that They were manufactured as standard.

It is not at all easy to find a DB5 like the one that appeared in Goldfinger driven by Sean Connery or the famous Ferrari Testarossa of the eighties and famous series “Corruption in Miami”.

Searching for stories in this relationship so well avenue would give us several articles. Let me name you one that happened in Pretty Woman when looking for the sports car that fit the scenes of the young millionaire: well-known super sports brands were unmarked because the script was related to prostitution. Lotus did not disgust him and bet on the Esprit, model that multiplied by three their sales.

And finally, the car in the cinema has also left us  funny moments:  not long ago I enjoyed the film Notting Hills for the twentieth time. Hugh Grant observes Julia Roberts’ photo captured on the typical London bus and ends the scene with a first-generation red Ibiza Seat before her eyes . Besides comforting for the  patriotic, a very nice picture.

I will not be long in telling you about my trip to Los Angeles with Seat and what two Spaniards were doing in American lands.

But that will be another story…

1Ferrari and “Corruption in Miami”

The legendary series of the 80s filled the younger with brightness with a model that, to this day, is still spectacular.

1984 Ferrari Testarossa

2Aston Martin and “James Bond”

3Lotus and “Pretty Woman”

4Ford and “Starsky and Hush”

5GMC and “Team A”

6DeLorean and “Back to the future”

7Ford and “Bullit”

8Austin Mini and “The Italian JOB”

9Peugeot and “EL Lieutenant Colombo”

10Audi and “Transporter Legacy”


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