Home Technology Mozilla will erase all Firefox failure reports collected by mistake

Mozilla will erase all Firefox failure reports collected by mistake

Mozilla will erase all Firefox failure reports collected by mistake
Mozilla will erase all Firefox failure reports collected by mistake

Firefox, the open source browser of Mozilla, has always been characterized by being much more respectful of the privacy of its users than others, such as Google Chrome. However, this browser does not offer an absolute privacy of 100%, and that, although “completely anonymous” (absolute anonymity does not exist), Mozilla collects a series of data on the status of your browser, especially when something fails, data generally used to solve problems or simply for telemetry purposes, data that, even though they are not linked to a specific user, usually they are to an ID, not being as respectful as you would expect.

As Mozilla engineers say, since Firefox 52, launched in March 2017, the browser has been collecting all types of data in the background when the browser failed, data that was sent to Mozilla for analysis even if the user had configured restrictively the browser’s privacy options.

The error reports that are sent to Mozilla are not completely anonymous, and they contain always quite relevant information, such as the active URL at the time of failure, as well as a dump of the browser memory at the time of failure, which It can often contain personal data of the user.

Because Mozilla is not able to distinguish between error reports compiled by mistake and reports that have been compiled with permission, the company says it will eliminate absolutely all error reports collected between the release of Firefox 52 and Firefox 57.0.2.

Update Firefox to avoid sending error reports without your permission

As soon as the company was aware of this error, Mozilla engineers went to work to launch an emergency update to fix this error. Thus, as the managers of the company say, this ruling has been solved with the release of Firefox 57.0.3, so all users who upgrade to this version of the browser can already be sure that, if they have configured their equipment so that information is not shared with Mozilla, it will not.

Without a doubt, the decision to eliminate all reports equally is worthy of admiration. Mozilla has decided to preserve the privacy of users who rely on their browser before using a large amount of very useful information that could reveal important flaws in the browser.

We can all make mistakes, like Mozilla, when programming any software, but it is clear that this company, together with its Firefox browser, are among the few applications and platforms that we can really trust, being able to be sure that our privacy is worth more. for the company that our data or some error reports, however useful they might be.

Unfortunately, not all companies are like that. Can we imagine what would have happened if this, instead of Firefox, had happened in Google Chrome?

What do you think of Mozilla’s decision? Do you think the company really cares about the privacy of its users?


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