Home Health Muscle weighs more than fat?

Muscle weighs more than fat?

Muscle weighs more than fat?
Muscle weighs more than fat?

Despite the obvious that 1 kilo of muscle weighs the same as 1 kilo of fat, many people start to weigh more when they are introduced to strength training. Hence the erroneous myth that muscle weighs more than fat.

What is the difference between muscle and fat?

One of the differences at a glance is the volume. For the same kilogram weight, fat occupies much more space because it is less dense than muscle. Therefore, many beginners who begin to work with the weight gain weight, although their appearance is more defined. Basically, they have ordered fat and have gained muscle.

This happens because of the water. The muscles are formed by moving tissues and more hydrated than fat, so they need water to store muscle glycogen and provide us with the energy for our training. However, fat could be considered a “dead tissue” because it is inactive. If we enter an active lifestyle, fat decreases and muscle increases.

It is interesting to know that the muscle has a density of 1.6 g / ml, while the fat has a density of only 0.9 g / ml . That is why we often gain weight even if we look more defined and rocky.

So, can I get fat training?

You have to differentiate between gaining weight and gaining weight. Our weight is only an indicative number, since the true definition of how we are will be obtained if we make a measurement of fat. That is, a soccer player can weigh the same as a person with obesity , but the percentage of body fat will have nothing to do. Therefore, it is better to refer to fattening when we increase our fat.

Can you increase your weight even by lowering fat? If in your training you do strength exercises, you are likely to gain weight by working your muscles. Although they weigh the same, the density is not the same and the volume is not equal either. At the same weight, a person with more muscle will have less volume.

Increasing our muscles or fat depends, in part, on the food we carry and the training we do. It mainly happens if we have a deficit (we lose fat) or a caloric superhábit. According to the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America , to lose weight in a healthy way, we should burn 500 calories a day with sports and nutrition. That is, if you want to lose a kilogram a week, you have to burn 250 calories with exercise and 250 calories by lowering the level of your food.


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