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Music to save plants

Music to save plants

While a farmer thought he would have to discard his entire crop of zucchini, contaminated by the mosaic virus, a method of distributing music to vegetables saved them.

The story takes place in the Bouches-du-Rhône and was first reported by Le Figaro. In this sunny region, Gilles Josuan, a farmer, had little hope for his future harvest of zucchini, affected by the violent incurable virus of the Mosaic. After having tried everything, he decided to play everything for the whole, betting on a method to say the least original: broadcast a few minutes of music every day to its 40 or so acres of indoor plantation. This method, which has already worked several times, is incapable of killing the virus but helps to stop its spread and to promote plant growth.

“As soon as I started broadcasting music in my greenhouses, I saw the difference, but the most difficult thing was to spread music in a greenhouse with a high humidity rate.”

To the great surprise of the farmer who also owns 50 hectares in the open air, the first results were really fast. “As soon as I started playing music in my greenhouses, I saw the difference. But the most difficult thing was to spread music in a greenhouse with a high humidity rate, “he told Le Figaro. Would music have some kind of super power? It’s possible. And it is also, in essence, what the company Genodics, which develops this solution, believes.

6 to 7 minutes a day

According to Genodics recommendations, broadcasting music should not be done in any way and especially not anytime. In the case of Gilles Josuan, no more than 6 to 7 minutes per night of music that had to be defined as needed. While much knowledge of this farmer Bouches-du-Rhone wondered about the effectiveness of the method developed by Genodics, they are, as explained in the French daily, more and more numerous to come to inquire from him on this particular treatment he inflicted on his zucchini plants. Especially since Mr. Josuan was leaving from afar: he thought he would eventually have to throw away all his infected vegetables and he is now able to sell them again.

While each problem has a solution, the company that develops its application of “genodic process” rather defends the “every virus his music”. Patented in the 1960s by the researcher and musician Joel Sternheimer, more than 140 people undergoing attacks of different viruses on their farms appealed to Genodics for a success rate of just over 70% an honorable figure which allows, moreover, avoiding the use of pesticides more and more decried.

A method that has a future

The method has several advantages. First of all it is inexpensive and the process is presented as being quite simple. “In the process of protein synthesis, amino acids emit quantum signal sequences that constitute a specific melody of each protein,” the company says. By finding which melody corresponds to which protein, it is possible to develop tailor-made music to act directly on it and thus, to reverse the turn that things take.

While the numbers show that the use of this method is still in its infancy, the statistics on success are also rather promising so promising that the scientific community is starting to look into the subject. The company has even agreed to a partnership with the University of Cergy, explains Le Figaro. Proof if it needed one of the craze that includes this promising technique and cannot be healthier.


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