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MV Agusta manages to get rid of Mercedes-AMG and warns of “a new innovative four-cylinder model”

MV Agusta F4
MV Agusta F4

And after years of financial movements, it’s over. Giovanni Castiglioni as the owner of MV Agusta has culminated his biggest obsession during the last months by definitively removing Mercedes-AMG from the shareholding of the Varese brand after three years.

Now, and after a process started in 2016, Castiglioni and the Sardarov family of Russian origin have acquired 25% in the hands of the German car manufacturer to acquire 100% of the capital and maintain absolute control over their company through MV Agusta Motor SpA. But there is more.

“We are Italians, and we are proud”

During the last seasons MV Agusta has focused on diversifying its offer , going from having only the sports F3 three-cylinder and F4 four-cylinder and the family of naked Brutale, to add the Rivale, Brutale Dragster, Veloce Tourism and some special editions like the RVS of scrambler influences or a spectacular one-off called MV Agusta F4Z.

As a result of a policy of financial and strategic restructuring, the brand affirms that the positive numbers have returned to the accounts of the Italian firm and that now is the time to start looking to the future. A future for which they are already developing a new four-cylinder platform that “will be a first innovative model that will see the light during 2018”.

Mv Agusta Dragster 800 Rc 2018 013

In the case of MV Agusta, this new four-cylinder platform would be a modular basis on which to build a new range. First it could be an evolution of the current F4 liter, retaining its structure of four cylinders in line and taking its mechanics a step further to create a new family of Superbike and maxinaked in the purest style of Varese.

Mv Agusta F4z 7

Another option could be the abandonment of the thrusters of three cylinders for its mid-range, currently with variants of 675 and 800 cubic centimeters. A new access mechanic that would try to leave behind the numerous reliability problems found in the F3, especially racing, which have ended up leading to desperation Jules Cluzel and PJ Jacobsen in Supersport.

A third possibility, less viable but plausible, is that MV Agusta is thrown head to regain the laurels of the races and decide to opt for the risky way, abandoning the configuration in line of their engines and developing a new V4 propeller to deal with to win in the Superbike World Championship in a move similar to that of Ducati.

Actually this last option would touch with the first, being able to configure a new base around which to configure a completely renewed range. Because let’s not deceive ourselves, although we must admit that MV Agusta’s designs are spectacular and keep that Italian essence so different, they need a breath of fresh air.

A renewal that depends on economic power

Mv Agusta Dragster 800 Rc 2018 008

The problem for MV Agusta (as happens to all of us, on the other hand) is a monetary issue. The Castiglioni brand has made an effort to move the company forward and it seems that they have finally succeeded, but along the way there has been part of the reputation with not too reliable mechanics and electronics that gave more problems than the account.

Its sales have ended up resenting, especially by deliberately positioning itself as a “super premium brand that produces two-wheeled jewelery” as stated in its statement and with which its owners have encountered elements that were not up to the expectations.

Mv Agusta

Now, MV Agusta is starting to penetrate markets as wealthy as Russian (especially after the entry of Black Ocean) and Asian, two profiles of buyers with money to spend but do not perform too many kilometers and are less sensitive to breakdowns.

If the impulse that they are supposedly receiving during the last months is enough, it will mark the drift that mysterious four-cylinder platform eventually takes. If there is enough money there is no doubt that they will dare with a risky project as MV Agusta has always done.

Mv Agusta Rvs 8

If instead they fail to raise the funds to self-finance the development we will end up having a new revision of something we already know now.


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