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Myths and truths about the hangover: mixing alcohol “does not go up any more” and the loaded coffee does not resuscitate

Christmas invites to heavy meals and multiple toasts, so many celebrate these days by raising their elbows between friends and family. Of course, the myths and truths about alcohol are never lacking to liven up after dinner. If you want to silence the mouth of your cousin or your brother-in-law once you count the last little battle, read carefully...

Myths and truths about the hangover mixing alcohol
Myths and truths about the hangover: mixing alcohol


1- If you mix “go up more”False: What affects the total amount of alcohol that has been drunk and mixing alcoholic beverages goes hand in hand with drinking more alcohol. The fault of the typical “cañas + vino + cava + chupito + copazo” is not of the mixture, it is of everything that has been drunk. Is it surprising?

2- If we urinate a lot, we eliminate alcoholFalse: Only 5% of alcohol is eliminated through urine, sweat or breath (the rest is purified in the liver). Alcohol increases diuresis and the urge to urinate but we are not eliminating alcohol mainly, but water.

3- For the hangover it is good to continue drinking alcohol the next day. False: Similar does not cure similar. Continue drinking alcohol will only add fuel to the fire.

4- The loaded coffee improves the hangoverFalse: Coffee can be a big risk after a long night of partying: it keeps us more alert and we can believe that we are able to drive when in fact we are not.

5- Vitamins of group B help to metabolize alcohol better. False: It has not been proven that consuming B vitamins accelerates the metabolism of alcohol. Although there is no evidence that vitamin B6 serves as an antidote, in the absence of alternatives, it continues to be injected in the presence of alcohol intoxications to improve neuromuscular symptoms.


1- Women tolerate alcohol worse than men. True: The blood concentrations of alcohol are higher in women since we have higher percentage of body fat and a lower blood volume.

2- “Clear” drinks give better hangovers than dark drinksTrue: Rum or whiskey, unlike vodka or gin, contain fermentation by-products that can also cause headaches.

3- Before drinking you have to dine “to soak”True: It is not about “soaking” exactly, but a high-fat meal can delay the absorption of alcohol and mitigate its side effects.

Remember that the best remedy for a hangover is always moderation and if they drink, never ever get behind the wheel. It is advice from your pharmacist.


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