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Nancy Kerrigan’s attack: Tonya Harding “knew something was going on”

Former American skater Tonya Harding revealed that she knew something was going on "a month or two" before her rival Nancy Kerrigan's assault at the 1994 US Championships.

Nancy Kerrigan's attack: Tonya Harding "knew something was going on"
Tonya Harding, left, with Kristi Yamaguchi (center) and Nancy Kerrigan at the 1991 Worlds.

With the release of “I, Tonya” in the cinema, Tonya Harding, the former rival Nancy Kerrigan, is invited in many media. The film traces Tonya Harding’s journey to Kerrigan’s aggression at the 1994 US Championships. And while she has always denied being involved or even aware of this aggression, Harding ended up – briefly – modify its version.

Her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and her friend, Shawn Eckardt, had been plotting to hurt Nancy Kerrigan prior to the 1994 Olympic Games qualifier. Eckardt had hit the skater in one knee with a crowbar, depriving her of competition. She had however won the money at the Olympics, for which she had been fished.

On Good Morning America, broadcast on ABC this week, Harding said she had doubts a few months before the attack, when she caught a conversation between Gillooly and Eckardt. ” I’ve heard things, people talk, ” she admits, before reporting this discussion: ” Maybe we should eliminate someone to make sure she (Tonya Harding) is on the team What the Portland skater remembers answering: ” What are you talking about? I can skate .

Harding, however, continued to deny having been involved in the assault, contrary to what Gillooly had said at the time. And in a two-hour show that was devoted to him Thursday night on ABC, Tonya Harding this time explained that it was only after the National Championships that she knew that the two men were behind this attack. ” It suddenly came to my mind two or three days after our return, ” she said in Truth and Lies: The Story of Tonya Harding.


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