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NBC insists with ‘The IT Crowd’ and announces a new adaptation of this British jewel

The IT Crowd
The IT Crowd

For the fan of something, few sentences are more scary than the one of “they are going to make a remake of such”, with that prayer of “please, do it well” repeating itself like a mantra. But there is a case that is not scary, but absolute panic when we see that NBC still wants to make the American adaptation of ‘The IT Crowd’, one of the most hilarious sitcoms that has given birth to the XXI century.

Fortunately, it seems that this time they want to do well because, according to Variety, they will have Graham Linehan, the creator of the series, to write and produce this new adaptation. In case you do not know, ‘The IT Crowd‘ starts when Jen, a woman who has no idea of ​​computers, is hired to supervise the two computer scientists of a company, lacking in social skills and very nerdy in general.

Released in 2006, we could almost talk about ‘The IT Crowd’ as a reference of drinking series like ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, especially in that portrait of the clash between “normal girl in a world of geeks.” It is an absolutely hilarious series of which we said goodbye four years ago after four seasons too short and a special one.

This adaptation, of which not much is known, marks the third attempt by NBC to bring the series to the American public. In 2007 there was a pilot starring Joel McHale that never aired despite having announced the first season. Years later Bill Lawrence, creator of ‘Scrubs’, was assigned to a new remake that was again on wet paper. Let’s see if the third, that just because you have your creator on board and there is some hope, is going to defeat.


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