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Nearly 2 out of 3 Americans own an Apple product


A study conducted in the United States for the CNBC news channel reveals that 64% of Americans own an Apple product. This represents an increase of 14% compared to the same study carried out in 2012

The popularity of Apple is no doubt. While its main rivals, in mobile telephony in particular, unveil a dozen products a year to retain their market share (or to win), Apple reveals only two or three a year. Three in 2017. Two in 2016. Three in 2015 (with the iPhone SE). Etc. And yet, with two or three new models a year, Apple is in second place globally (except for slightly deeper periods).

High-end, but popular

This means that the iPhone is particularly popular despite a fairly high selling price. Indeed, the latest generation iPhone (and not only the latest) are the rankings of the best-selling terminals in the world. The proof of this is the Counterpoint Research study of July 2017 (and relayed in our columns in August ). We learned that Apple has placed three of its smartphones in the top 10 of the summer, which accumulate 8.5% of the world market. That’s one in twelve smartphones.
There are obviously countries in which Apple is stronger. This is the case on its domestic market, the United States. A study has been conducted to   the channel CNBC with a panel of 800 consumers. It shows that 64% of Americans own at least one Apple product. It’s not necessarily an iPhone. It can also be an iPad, a Mac, an iPod, etc. In 2012, CNBC commissioned the same study with the same question. One in two Americans owned a branded product. That is an increase of 14% in 5 years.

More customers, more products per customer

Obviously, the proportion increases with the annual income of the consumer. It is below the 50% mark for retirees, those earning less than $ 30,000 per year, and women over 50. Conversely, it reaches 87% among consumers earning more than $ 100,000 a year. There are also geographical disparities, the least equipped being in the South of the country and the best equipped in the West (in California of course …).
Another part of the study also reveals that the number of Apple products owned by each consumer (on average) has increased dramatically. The figure rose from 1.6 products to 2.6 products. That is an increase of 62.5% in five years. That is considerable. Apple has therefore increased the number of its consumers and each consumer buys more products. Note also that this logically includes the products they no longer use: the iPod that has been replaced by the iPhone, an old tablet that has been renewed, and so on.



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