Home Entertainment Netflix presents the first advance of the end of Sense 8

Netflix presents the first advance of the end of Sense 8

Everything seems to indicate that the history of the senses will end as they deserve.

Netflix presents the first advance of the end of Sense 8
Netflix presents the first advance of the end of Sense 8

A few months ago, Netflix announced the imminent departure of Sense 8, one of the original series that most captivated the audience due to its complex plot, although perhaps that was a trigger for the majority to lose interest. However, before that decision, thousands of users filed complaints through social networks, since the second season had ended with many loose ends.

The cancellation of the series produced by the Wachowski sisters was really sinister, and it was an unforgivable act, both for the cast and for the faithful fans. Movements were even made through the network to protest with hashtags like # RenewSense8 or # BringBackSense8.

In response, Netflix clarified that soon they would take more risks to compensate users with more and better original productions.

Therefore, people understood that everything is summarized in a business that seeks to expand priorities and find content that is of common interest or pleasure in the general public, but … the reality is that the decision of Sense 8 fell to everyone’s surprise, although it was a production that required many millions for a rating that was not proportional.

Although Netflix’s financial interests were a priority at first, the streaming service retrained and made the decision to offer a special two-hour episode to clear up any doubts about the history of the senses. Through Twitter, the official account of the series, announced that they were already beginning preparations.

But so that you do not eat cravings, we show you the first advance that Netflix presented on the end of Sense 8 so that the spectators do not stay with multiple doubts that remained unfinished at the end of the second season.

We still do not know exactly when it will arrive, but we do have the certainty that we can enjoy it in 2018.

Did you like the brief introduction? What do you think that there is no third season of Sense 8?


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