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New version of Snapchat: what changes?

The application of photos and videos for smartphone has been redesigned midweek. Summary of news.

Evan Spiegel is Snap's CEO
Evan Spiegel is Snap’s CEO

Promised thing, thing due. Earlier this month, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, announced a complete overhaul of Snapchat, its application of photos and videos, to make it more accessible to the general public. It is now done. On Wednesday, the American company unveiled the new version of its famous smartphone service. Le Figaro takes stock of all its novelties.

● More page dedicated to “stories”

“Stories” are the most iconic format of Snapchat. They make it possible to carry out a collection of photographs and videos, consultable by his friends during 24 hours. There are now “stories” in many online services, such as Instagram, which was one of the first to copy Snapchat.

So far, the “stories” had a dedicated page on Snapchat It featured content produced by his friends, Snapchat’s editorial team, and the Discover platform, which is dedicated to partner media in the app. Now, it has a dedicated area in the application to the left of the home screen. There will also be Snapchat’s official stories and those published by professional creators. The “stories” of the contacts will be available on a “friends” page. It is to the right of the home screen. The idea is to separate professional and personal content. “So far, social media has always mixed your friends’ photos and videos with content from creative or professional media. It’s an interesting experience, but it also had strange side effects,

● A little more algorithm

Snapchat has long been organized quite simply. The contacts were arranged alphabetically, and the stories according to their most recent update date. From now on, the application will rely on algorithms to propose the friends and the contents that it considers the most relevant for its users. The “friends” page will display the contacts with whom we discuss the most regularly. This change also concerns the new space dedicated to “Discover”, which will offer the contents of the media most likely to interest a user. Snap did not detail the factors that will help these algorithms determine this interest.

● Paid creators on Snapchat

WeTubers are the creators of videos that have been a big part of YouTube’s popularity. Snap tries to create an ecosystem dedicated to its application. Earlier this month, Evan Spiegel regretted that his company has “neglected the creative community, which creates and distributes Stories for our audience.” The new version of Snapchat incorporates “stories” of known users, now located in the Discover space. These may be celebrities or someone whose photos and videos are particularly popular on the platform.

● What does not change

In spite of this new division between the contents of friends and those produced by media or creators, one thing does not change on Snapchat: the application always opens on the camera. “It’s the fastest way to share a moment with your friends,” says the company. The latter regularly adds new options to improve its use. Last week, the specialized site Mashable revealed the arrival of new “filters” intelligent, able to analyze what is photographed to add adapted drawings. For example, a dog picture may be embellished with small colored bones. Snap confirmed this information, indicating that these new filters would be added gradually in the application.


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