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“No, I do not want to get married… I prefer to travel”, so the millennials say

young people on social media
young people on social media

The millennial generation stands out for making travel a priority in their lives, since they have a higher interest in investing in experiences that endure, rather than thinking about getting married or having children, said Clickbus.

Among the favorite national destinations of the Millennials are the beaches of Cancún, Huatulco and Playa del Carmen; while in means of transport, the bus is the preferred one of said generation, due to its low cost.

“These young people like to turn the transfer to their destination into a pleasant experience with their friends and fellow travelers, and this means of transport gives them these same opportunities,” said Clickbus director Marcus Paiva. [[nid: 1033406]]

The platform to purchase bus tickets on the Internet stated in a statement that the trips made by the Millennials are an opportunity for them to share those moments and experiences with their friends through social networks.

“This is a very important aspect that must be taken into account within the tourism industry. Young people are connected at all times to their networks, and will not hesitate to share their positive or negative comments about the places they visit and the services they hire, “he said.

Also, Paiva said that this group seeks to make their trips a practical experience, so they are assisted by any means or platform to help them simplify their planning.

In addition to using applications and online services to investigate, book and pay for their destinations; this generation makes increasing use of travel agencies to help them decide their travel route. [[nid: 1021814]]

“We must pay much attention to this group, because they do not represent the future of consumption, but are already an important part of it, and hence the importance of understanding their needs and demands, as the industry advances in accordance with what dictates the demand “, specific.


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