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Nokia E71, the mysterious Nokia with physical keyboard that sneaks into the pools for CES 2018

Nokia E71, the mysterious Nokia with physical keyboard that sneaks into the pools for CES 2018
Nokia E71, the mysterious Nokia with physical keyboard that sneaks into the pools for CES 2018

Not only mobile phones with Android lives Nokia. Finns also have ordinary phones, like those looking for those who do not need features that we might consider modern. The feature phones for those who want to call, send messages and, at best, receive an email or consult a website.

One of them has just appeared on the scene, one leaked ahead of time that may end up becoming Nokia’s first single phone with 4G. One that responds to the model number TA-1047 and that could well be a new variation of the 3310 that we already saw this year, or a new model to complete the catalog of the North-European manufacturer.

A simple phone that could be more


As we say, the new phone is in the certification phase by HMD, the Finnish manufacturer that now takes over the phone division of its compatriot Nokia. Direct from the FCC, the document presented by HMD reveals that we would talk about feature phone and that it would have 4G connectivity, beyond the 3G that already has, for example, the new Nokia 3310 in its second edition.

A device that will be 133 millimeters high and 68 millimeters wide, and whose diagonal of 140 millimeters does not allow us to estimate its screen because we do not speak, at least not apparently, of a crystal touch rectangle but of a phone with a more classic design , although its screen will be tactile.

Other known features tell us that it will have Wi-Fi connectivity, that it will have Bluetooth 4.2 and that it will support band 20, that of 800Mhz, in 4G. Regarding the operating system, it is said that it is likely that KaiOS will be used, a system based on HTML5, which would resemble the operation of the already defunct FirefoxOS, and that would allow third-party applications to run, although probably with little variety.


All this is joined by other recent data that speak of a screen of only 3.3 inches with reduced resolution, only 480×480 pixels, but an interesting feature: it would leave room for a physical keyboard at the bottom. For all intents and purposes we would be facing a phone with a design exploited for years by BlackBerry and that has been an orphan for some time.

In any case it would be a low range because the Snapdragon 205 appears related to the phone in the last filtration. A phone to make calls, video calls, send messages, maybe to watch streaming TV and who knows what else, since everything would depend on the applications available in the KaiOS app store.

For now it seems that this new Nokia TA-1047 would go way to the CES although we doubt that it has the sufficient entity to get on the stage of the brand in Las Vegas, but everything could happen. With just over 20 days to start CES 2018, we will soon learn more about this feature phone that is coming. And beware, it could finally be a full-blown smartphone.

Update: information about the Nokia E71


The latest leak on this future Nokia phone sheds more light on its features and above all brings a name, the Nokia E71 is on the way and it will be a kind of low / medium range, talking about feature phones that apparently will not be sold in China.

Al Snapdragon 204 previously mentioned adds 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory expandable by a microSD and a rear camera of only 3 megapixels, but enough for this type of device. Nothing is known about whether it will be a Dual SIM mobile phone or not, but there will be time to know it when it finally shows up.

With these features, attached to its 3.5-inch to 480-pixel screen and its physical QWERTY keyboard, similar to the BlackBerry proposal in its most iconic models, the phone should arrive in January 2018. As we said, we expect for the CES itself that should start the year.


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