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Nolan will shoot the Howard Hughes biopic “someday” and points out Warner’s big problem with superheroes

christopher nolan batman begins
christopher nolan batman begins

Among the news of expected trailers, strange news and Hollywood scandals , we had passed these interesting statements of one of the favorite directors of this website, Mr. Christopher Nolan. The filmmaker has triumphed this year with ‘Dunkerque’ (‘Dunkirk’), for which he could win his first Oscar as a director, and there is much expectation to know what his next project will be.

The fan of Nolan already knows that there is a film that the director has been wanting for years: the biopic of Howard Hughes . According to Jonathan Nolan, it is the best script his brother has written. He wanted to carry it out after ‘Insomnia’ (‘Insomnia’, 2002) and even had Jim Carrey chosen as the protagonist but, as we know, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio overtook him with ‘The Aviator’ (‘The Aviator’, 2004) . Luckily, Nolan is patient and has not ruled out the idea of ​​realizing his vision

“Howard Hughes is a fascinating character, a lot of what I put in the script, which I intend to do one day, I incorporated Bruce Wayne, there are many films that have dealt with different aspects of his life but not the whole set.”

Nolan with Christian Bale

Nolan, do not give ideas… We recently saw ‘The exception to the rule’ (‘Rules Do not Apply’, 2016), where Warren Beatty offered his version of Hugues, and it was a resounding failure. Nolan may have smiled when he learned of the fact, although it is also possible that Beatty’s trip made it more difficult to produce another film about Howard Hughes. We’ll see. What seems obvious is that, if one day, Nolan wants to go back to the superhero movies he has all the doors open.

However, the filmmaker does not seem willing to do so. And the reason, as he explained during his speech at the British Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, is time . Nolan believes that Hollywood studios are increasingly obsessed with release dates and now would not enjoy the freedom he had when he orchestrated the trilogy of ‘The Dark Knight’, between 2005 and 2012.

“[Time] is a privilege and a luxury that filmmakers can no longer afford, I think it was the last time someone was able to say to a studio: ‘Maybe I’ll do another one, but it’ll be four years’. pressure on the opening calendars to let people do that, but creatively it’s a huge advantage, we had the privilege of developing as people and as storytellers, and then bringing the family back together. “

I am surprised that he thinks he is the last filmmaker to whom a Hollywood studio has given him time and freedom to start an overproduction, although it is certainly less and less common. Hopefully Warner will realize the difference between Nolan’s Batman and things like ‘Justice League’ (‘Justice League’), which at best, being generous, is nothing more than a slightly forgettable entertainment. Without any impact, without memorable moments that make you remember the movie or want to enjoy it again as soon as possible…

We will never know what Zack Snyder could have done with more time and creative freedom, but it would certainly have been more interesting.


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