Home Money Personal Finance Not having a job is much worse than hating your job

Not having a job is much worse than hating your job

Do you hate your job and have you thought that you would rather give up working there? Wait a bit...

Not having a job is much worse than hating your job
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You may not have ever worked in your life before, or you may be in your first job and you are barely learning life in the working world, but we are sure you have listened a thousand times, and you even think about it: that it is better not to have I work to go to a job that you hate . Are you sure about this?

Of course it is horrible to wake up every day and go to a place where you set foot and the first thing you think is the day you will not have to go back to that place. You may also have an issue with a co-worker or your boss is ‘the worst person in the world who is making your life miserable’, right?

study published by the University of Manchester revealed that continuing in your job ‘that makes you miserable’ is much better than being unemployed.

According to the study, unemployment causes diseases such as depression, increased vices such as smoking or drinking and more health risks, while someone who has a job that does not like, has better health conditions.

The reason could be that people consider that having a bad payment or a bad job is better than having nothing, which probably causes you anxiety, fear of not getting another job again, stressof not having a fixed income of money and more negative emotions that can lead to diseases in your body.

Of course it is not ideal for health to be in a job that we do not like, so the recommendation is:

1. Talk to your boss about the conditions why you do not like your job, I could help you with something to improve.

2. Look for a new job before giving up. You may be sick, but it will be better to have something else to live the stress of being ni-ni.

We hope that everything goes well and you find a job that you truly enjoy, in the same way, that what you do not like about your work, is solved. Speaking the people understand!


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