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Ovulation of women affects male speech

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Ovulation of women affects male speech

Before you are in your days… do you feel that communication with your partner does not flow at all?

A new study suggests that when young people interact with a woman, who is in the fertile period of her menstrual cycle, in which he registers subtle changes in the tone of her skin, the voice and unconsciously in the smell, usually they respond by changing their speech patterns.

Specifically, they are less likely to copy the sentence structure used by women.

According to the researchers, this unintentional change in language can serve to telegraph the creativity of man and nonconformity, qualities that are believed to attract potential partners.

man and woman looking each other in the eye
man and woman looking each other in the eye

This idea is not new for evolutionary psychologists, because it has long been known that males of several species change their behavior if they are trying to find or maintain a mate.

In humans, these screens can include taking risks, writing a romantic poem or even the use of high-sounding words.

In addition, previous research has found that female fertility signals tend to cause this type of behavior in men.

So now you know, if your partner has trouble communicating with you, blame your ovulation.


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