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Paddington 2 : A balm on the heart****

The story: Paddington has found a welcoming and happy home in the Brown family, where he sleeps peaceful days. The bear is loved by everyone in its London neighborhood and makes everyday life more enjoyable. On the occasion of his aunt Lucy's birthday, he finds a perfect gift, a lively book from the city of London ... but the precious work is stolen. Paddington and his family are then drawn into a crazy new adventure.

Paddington 2
Paddington 2

The story of Paddington seems rather absurd when told. Yet, on the screen, it works. The director Paul King has embarked on the adventures of the bear, after the success – deserved – of the first film, and this is another success.

The animal, full of good intentions, manages to make normal the presence of a little bear talking on the streets of London. The computer graphics that give life to Paddington are so real that we almost forget that it can not be, a bear who works in a hair salon. Paddington blends perfectly into the setting, in a city of London that makes you dream, an idealized strand.

In addition, there is no more British than Paddington – even though it is actually native to Peru. Except maybe the queen herself and… the actor Hugh Grant. The latter has also cleverly taken the traits of the villain, funny and detestable at the same time, in this second part of the adventures of the most adorable bear of the contemporary culture. Yes, even more cute than Winnie the Pooh.

And what’s good about Paddington is that he’s so kind, polite, and benevolent, while being so awkward and blundering, that even the most critical situations become fun, touching and ultimately not that bad. . In a time when so many things seem to go so bad, what better than a successful character, the time of a film, to soothe hearts disconcerted by the misery of the world?

Paddington 2. Paul King’s family comedy with Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Hugh Grant and the voice of Ben Whishaw. 1 h 43.


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