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Paladins joins the fashion of the Battle Royale with its new gameplay Battlegrounds

Paladins joins the fashion of the Battle Royale with its new gameplay Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

For many companies has not gone unnoticed by the success of ‘PUBG throughout 2017. That has led some to want to have with your own Battle Royale, for example, he has made ‘Fortnite’ in a way that has given quite good result and Hi-Rez Studios has not wanted to be less in this regard with ‘Paladins’. That is why he has announced his new game mode “Battlegrounds”.

As he has stated, it will be the first Battle Royale in which heroes will be controlled instead of generic characters. As in the main game each of them will have their own skills that must combine with the rest of teammates to be victorious in these frantic battles with a capacity for 100 players.

Each of the games will last a maximum of 20 minutes in a scenario that seems, by its first trailer, to be really gigantic. During that time you will have to locate weapons, objects and pieces of equipment that will be of great help while the radius of action will be increasingly smaller to force all players to meet at a particular point as time runs out.

Paladins Moji

However, this new mode is not the only thing Hi-Rez Studios is working on. It has also revealed a new hero named Moji, who will use a two-headed dragon as a mount and attack by spells, or the new Trade District, a kind of district full of shops and cars with enough open areas and to remain covered.

On the other hand, ‘Paladins’ will incorporate the new Team Deathmatch mode in which the only thing that will matter will be that the team gets as many deaths as possible. Finally, those subscribing to Twitch Prime can get a new skin for Bomb King and the new exclusive Battle Cat saddle.

Paladins Team Deathmatch

The Battlegrounds mode of ‘Paladins’ does not yet have a release date, but the rest of announced novelties will reach the PC version on January 10, while users of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait until January 17 to download them. Undoubtedly, some very interesting weeks are coming for the fans of this game starring champions in a fantasy world.


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